The Bastardization of… Yogurt?!

11 Sep
i spent a lot of time watching TV during my time off. and it has been bothering me for months. it subsided for a while, but has come back full-swing with the latest installment. yogurt commercials. but not just any yogurt, oh no. bastardized yogurt, that has been crammed full of "good stuff". my ass it is. why not just eat a bran muffin with your yogurt in the morning and have fish for dinner? why cram all that stuff into one tiny thing of yogurt?! all that damn "prebiotic" and "probiotic" and "DHA"… remember when yogurt was just yogurt? it was a nice and fruity, healthy source of calcium. but now? now its supposed to regulate bowel movements? help develop brain growth?! come on! it was bad enough when they made that stupid Yop yogurt drink. who wants to drink yogurt anyways. let alone bran muffin and fish filled yogurt. i miss the simple times.
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