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Mr. Cookie!!

it has happened!! i finally found my beloved Timmies gingerbread cookie!!! but before you throw your arms up in rejoicing for me. i must warn you. it wasn’t as good. maybe because it wasn’t a Christmas one? maybe because it was a stereotypical hard icing, hard cookie, cookie? and it didn’t taste as good as that other one. i think they just bought them from somewhere else and didn’t even bake them in-house. which saddens me.

and to add to that: Pumpkin Spice flavour has not returned this year, which really really really sucks. i saved up all my change for nothing. instead we are stuck with a pumpkin spice: donut, muffin and tea. the donut is good. muffins i’ve no interest in. and as per tea: nothing will ever ever ever make me change over from their Apple Cinnamon. the tea i live for. and if they ever take it away from me, hell hath no fury. they have already taken away from me the afore mentioned pumpkin spice flavour and also its predecessor the raspberry flavour (which was great in their hot chocolates), the chocolate snowflake, the afore alluded to christmas gingerbread cookie.

so i end with this: BRING BACK MY CHOCOLATE SNOWFLAKE! or something of my above list!
why this even enraged the fire alarm which has just gone off. taking it with it the health of my heart. OMG.

and its sad that i can write all of the above, but not be able to write my stupid Orwell essay. which i did manage to find a way to properly tie Newton’s Laws of Motions into. Dear physics, meet literature, now get me a good grade!

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