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my heart is in shambles

an appropriately emo title for a sad situation. i have dumped Tim Hortons. consider it a seperation. hopefully we will get back together…. if they stop jerking me around. come on! two years in a row of candy cane chocolate donut?! there was more but i forget
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red Skittles? blue Skittles?

while i do love being right, this is the one time i wish that i will be wrong. i will GLADLY buy Brent a bag of Skittles after the results tonight, i really don’t want to win this bet. its just a gut feeling. i really want the other one to win, but it doesn’t seem so. and the terms are not that i am to eat a bag of chocolate Skittles as a very confident Brent might try to argue. the terms were that loser buys winner a bag of Skittles. dammit i should’ve sweetened the deal with a Dr Pepper hope for today though is this: that class gets pre-empted by us just getting to watch election coverage. but not TV. tonights good TV better not get cancelled else i will be one pissed off chick. good TV already suffered once this season thanks to that stupid Canadian election. *grumbles* but OMG Stephen Harper just went up a notch in our books. we were watching Corner Gas last night. and out of nowhere: *bam* Harper shows up. and damn he was funny. not robot-like or anything. he actually seemed human. and it was just such a surprise to see him. usually when a “celebrity” is going to make a guest appearance on a show their are advertisements over-hyping it adnauseam. but this was just out of nowhere. and it was much needed given that this was a dream episode where in the dream the show “ended”. which shocked us. but there was enough humour to make a worthwhile episode, which will be more entertaining the second time around given we will know that it is just a dream and the show is not ending. wait, must google, to be sure. OMG that wasn’t even a new episode. it was a rerun. and i just ruined the rest of the season for myself.

and now it sounds like my speakers are melting. i’m going to go check on that.

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