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what is all the fuss about?

so i had my top two wisdom teeth ripped out yesterday afternoon. and i must ask: what is all the fuss about? it took a total of 10mins to tear them out. and aside from the trauma of hearing lefty start to crack in half, and my fear of pain and needles, it wasn’t that bad at all. i did freak out though when i had to change my gauze which my sister was so wrong about ("how much could you really bleed? not much at all") yeah right. but it doesn’t hurt at all. i have had headaches worse than this!

the only real downside is that i can’t eat solid food, adding more punch to my sister’s nickname for me (Grandma No-Teeth). well, i mean i CAN eat solid food, i just have to cut it up into tiny pieces and swallow it. tedious and not fun. it only hurts a pinch if i smile/open my mouth too wide/laugh. which was not helped by the fact that there was some really funny TV on last night.

now my boredom has reached an all new low. i am watching Martha Stewart (actually a really good show) go shopping for a christmas tree, except she is also trying to sell me the car that she is driving out to the tree farm, which is called Broken Arrow which keeps getting that damn song stuck in my head.

i would also like to point out that i am well aware of the dip in quality of entries. there is a perfectly reasonable explanation that i am surprised i never wrote about. i am back in university now, hence had to move back home, hence no more "two crazy roommates." i swear to God, if the TV says "broken arrow" one more time…. its been over 10 times… and counting!

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