my great new idea:

26 Mar
inspired by the guy beside me on the subway with his iPhone and my lack of memory as to what is in my closet causing me great pain while shopping.

my idea is this:

it would be pretty much like an iPhone and in it you would store pictures of what you have in your closet (clothing, accessories etc..) and then when you go into a store for every different general item of clothing there would be like a tag you scan (using RFID tags) and it would then show up on a model on the screen and you would then "apply" whatever was in your closet to see if it matches, you could also get the program to match stuff based on colour or style. there would also be the option to input your measurments so it could automatically tell you which size to grab (as they vary from store to store). also there would be another option to turn on an application that would (once you walked into the store) give you recommendations based on what would flatter your figure or based on your previous purchases/what you looked at.

anyone whe can figure out how to make this real i say run with it.

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