you’re stepping on my carotid!

14 May
so i awoke early this morning, stuffy sneezy and in need of some water. so i get up to get a glass and who do i run into? why its Monsieur Shrek (the new kitten in the household, 11 weeks old)! the one and only, awake at an ungodly hour, quietly rummaging around the house. i pet him, say hello, and carry on my way back to my room, making sure to close my door. what do i hear? why its meowing at my door, so i roll over and keep trying to sleep. Shrek starts pawing at my door. heartbreak. so i let him in. he gets to work, pouncing on my limbs through the comforter. he eventually tires and sees that i am not playing along so he curls up for a nap. i sigh and go back to sleep… finally. given that it is like 6am. i awake to find him more ferociously pouncing me! and then he decided to cross to the other side of my bed…. stepping on my neck along the way, each paw individually on my carotid, made me a bit dizzy 😉 and so i kicked him out, figuring he would go bug my mom instead. alas he didn’t. he kept meowing at my door. but i fell alseep.
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Posted by on May 14, 2009 in Pets


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