the feud battles on!

04 Jun
i was mad at Tim Horton’s, boycotted them for months, wrote an angry letter and then i decided to turn the other cheek. that is, until they retaliated and tried to poison me. WHO THE HELL PUTS GREEN ONIONS AND PEPPERS IN CHICKEN SALAD?! its supposed to be: chicken and mayo. that is all. or at the very least put those on top as toppings. i was unaware of what lurked in my wrap, for when i ordered it i made sure they didn’t put tomatoes or lettuce in it (blech!) and i bit right in, huge chunk. it was cold and lumpy and tasted funny. for the rest of the day ALL i could taste were those damn green onions. i mean, poison.

i was wary of starting another boycott/string of angry letter writing, because as we can see, the first one was not all that successful. all it did was prove how long i can go without Timmies. when what did my eyes behold? my two favourite things in the world on my third favourite thing in the world! the TV Red heart said Tim Hortons was giving away freeRed heart coffeeRed heart! sweet mother of pearl i thought to myself! on the one hand, i can boycott their "generosity"… but then an evil grin spread across my face as i thought…. OR I COULD TAKE THEM TO THE CLEANERS, MILK(sry for the pun) ‘EM FOR ALL THEY’RE WORTH!!! and milk them i did. in total i had about 5 of their free iced coffees… and barely any jitters, although i did notice a steady drop in my rate of blinking.

since then, i have been boycotting them, but its still unofficial. i am craving an iced cap pretty bad, maybe after that iced cap.

NOTE: as i was madly typing this, i accidentally put in the wrong type of DVD for backing up my portfolio and thus wasted a perfectly good blank DVD. stupid Timmies, without even trying.

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