the saga comes to rest:

08 Jun

 as some of you may (or may not?) know, during high school me and my
friend (and guest appearances) would reminisce about old TV shows. we
spent much of class time trying to figure out the titles. it took us a
few months to remember that the train that brings juice was in fact
from Mr. Roger’s and not RomperRoom as we mistakenly thought for a bit.
i slowly started to drift away from this as my success rate started to
dip. i no longer got that sparkle and look of recognition in my
colleagues’ eyes’. that wonderous look of fulfillment started to turn
into a look of utter confusion as i desperatly tried to describe shows
that i was sure existed. eventually i found it on the internet. it had
been Clyde The Musical Jukebox that i had so gone crazy over. (forget i
can’t find the link, but i KNOW i wrote about it). well that was not
the only show i bellyached over. there was another one. it was a
Canadian show and there was a man with a square head, sandy
brown/blonde hair and square glasses. he would always go check the mail
with his puppet friend. and i racked my brain, bothered countless
people, searched endlessly on the internet, changing search terms,
trying to remember other aspects. and finally last night: closure. i
figured it out. the show was called Take Part! and i am so happy to
know that now!!

YouTube – Take Part! Theme Song

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