Me Vs. The World: Round 1

15 Jun
it started out with me scraping my leg on the edge of a picnic bench last week. which resulted in a rather odd injury, it was a scratch that was then swollen around it, and THEN a giant bruise (which fyi over a week later: still not healed!). from there, the cat scratched my finger, i cut my thumb with a can opener, slammed my shin into a car door. a bit more eyebrow raising than those though: i had gone for a walk (for which i was not adequately sunscreened, resulting in yet another "damage" to my body, horrid sunburn on one shoulder and patchy) and decided to dangle my legs in the lake, for it was really really hot. the next day i awoke to a surprise: a rash had formed on my right foot and my left toe. i ran down the stairs to see if my flip flops (that ALSO caused me some damage in the form of a blister between my toes) matched up with the injury  and lo and behold they did not. so there you have it: the lake is NOT safe for swimming.

and then finally le piece de resistance, the reason i need to get traveller’s insurance for my trip: the day i felt like the guy in the Polysporin commercial: i was drying the dishes and i was holding my sister’s mug (the same mug she had showed me earlier that day, she pointed out a chip in it), and the chip cracked… slicing my thumb open. and it bled. and bled. and bled. right through the kleenexes i wrapped around it, right through the bandaids i stuck to it. and as i was wiping off the blood and what i had thought was run off, it turned out there was a second cut on the other side too. so i spent the rest of the day with a gauzed up giant thumb.

*TKO* universe wins this round.

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