What has the world come to?!

18 Jun
in my daily ventures through the internet i sometimes come across interesting, entertaining, and sometimes downright weird stories. take today for example, today even has a theme: food. food=good right? not today it doesn’t. our first gem comes from a Swedish company. they decided to take the good ol’ cheeseburger and cram it into a can for "convenience". you just boil the can for 10mins in water and presto! cheeseburger. but how convenient is it really to ingest something so gross and gnarly?! the company apparently also makes powdered wine. *shakes head*

secondly, this one is for all the chocoholics, of which i am one: Le Whif. its an inhaler, through which you inhale chocolate powder that apparently gives you all the satisfaction of eating chocolate without the calories. it even comes in an array of flavours. i say bullshit. it looks like a poorlymade plastic cigarette, actually it kind of reminds me of those new Nicorette inhalers. just gross.

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