Tall People SUCK!!

21 Jun
Wintersleep was playing a free concert at Yonge & Dundas square on Friday night so we headed downtown. but to our surprise! The Cliks were also playing! but alas, we had some time to kill so we wandered around and looked at the vendors, watched a pigeon jump up some stairs… and i wandered over to the giant inflated Mountain Dew can… and chugged a whole can of free energy drink. then we went around and i came back and chugged another. the world was a tiny bit brighter and i was less stable and more shaky. it was awesome. after we re-emerged from the Eaton’s Centre i looked across the street at the giant inflated Mountain Dew Amped can… and i felt a sudden urge to jump into the air and drop-kick the can. which would end in two possibilities: 1.) i would fly right through it and crash into the floor 2.) i would bounce off it and crash into the floor. not good. but then i was distracted from undertaking it, when i saw the most awesome sight my eyes had beheld thus far: the bucket drummer had a real drumset!! for years (at least 5) i have watched him play the drums on a set of buckets, collecting change to "buy a real drum set" and it has finally happened! ironically in these bad economic times.

while we were sitting on the steps of Yonge & Dundas Square waiting for the concert to start, a guy in a promotional SUV for The Hangover pulled up. i figured they would be handing stuff out, talking about the movie etc…. instead he got out, walked around it, and took a picture of it in context of the event. BUT i happened to be in the picture, and i was not gonna move and lose my sitting spot. so i made a face, and then whipped out my camera. i waited for him to come back around took HIS picture with the car. retatliation at its best.

at the concert i learned a few things about concert-goers. they are all really tall. secondly? they ALL smoke. no matter how far away you move from the smokers, you end up near some other smokers. and there was this one lady who for a while i was running with the theory taht she was the hula-hooping hippe from the pot rally i walked through last year, but i came to the conclusion she must be her grandmother. or pot ages you terribly? secondly there was this REALLY annoying guy who butted in front of us. he was wearing a beanie with hair sticking out underneath BUT it was so carefully placed. he looked like an ass. he was with some girls… who seemed more interested in having a conversation…. AT A ROCK CONCERT. how does this make sense?! one of them was even trying to maintain a cellphone conversation. things like this just make me wonder. they simply fail to make sense to me. i also learned that people at concerts have no concept of personal space. i witnessed countless incidents where someone was trying to pass by someone else and they actually kinda patted them on the back/moved them aside! there was also a perv there who i swear was just there to look at chicks. it was creepy and i could not have gotten away from him faster. scary.

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