Toronto stinks!!

22 Jun
no longer just a proclamation of jealous Americans and Hamiltonians, it is now a soon-to-be truth. no longer will people have a need to be jealous of us, for just as it happened back in 2002, it has come back again… yes, the feared garbage strike in the heat of the summer. well, the heat just kicked in yesterday, but it seemed so fitting. the summer heat begins on the first day of summer, at the end of which we get a garbage strike. except this time there is also a worldwide pandemic (yeah i forgot about it too). thankfully i am in Etobicoke (and save for summer school downtown, of which i only have one day left, this coming Wed.) where we apparently have a private comany collecting our garbage (*pats throne* so nice). but it’s not like i am getting off scot-free. oh no, you see, the buses that run on our lines well they come from a bus depot that is in the strike zone (i know this from 2002) and they STINK. oh man how bad they stink. and sometimes the people you encounter also stink (but that is a given every summer. seriously, some days i feel like carrying a bottle of air freshner or maybe some Febreze). not enough? fine, how about this: the summer heat is getting to me (yes, i am aware its only the second day of the heat, it hasn’t gotten me THAT bad, yet). what can i do about it? well there is only so much ice cream i can eat (*pats belly*), go swimming you say? well OK, let’s see… the lake? unswimmable (see entry a couple days back, the lake gave me a rash). go to another part of the city where the lake is OK to swim in? well nope, can’t. lifeguards are on strike, thus presumably there will also be no one to put up the flag telling you of the swimming conditions. and of course: the stench. no one wants to go swimming in a stinky place. and of course there are going to be those dumping their trash in the lake. that’s a given. that leaves the pool. right? wrong. they are also on strike. that leaves me with: run away from the city and head north to Lake Huron/Georgian Bay. problem: no car, no money.

so its been decided. we’re getting an air conditioner. one day into the heat and me and my mum looked at each other and pretty much it was decided "screw the heat, we need A/C". presumably the cat would have also had a say in this, rather a meow. having fur this time of year must suck.

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