The Attack…

23 Jun
last night after finishing up another (exhausting) round of night photography i returned to my room with the intentions of just plotzing in my bed and sleeping. but the universe had other plans for me. as i was leaving my room (with my glasses off) i noticed a dark blob above my door frame. curious, i put on my glasses and returned to investigate and to my horror discovered a spider… a giant scary spider. all i could think about was him attacking me in my sleep! i panicked and ran to the other end of the house, staggering around in the dark i desperatly searched for the broom and a plastic container to trap him in. next i debated calling my boyfriend but decided against it because it was afterall 2 in the morning. instead i searched out my sister, who reluctantly (and with a mouth full of Listerine) helped me. but as we were about to knock him down, i noticed on the other wall ANOTHER dark blob! i screamed and ran. which also scared my sister, who then got mad at me saying she almost spit out the mouthwash. it turned out to be a fly. and we successfully got rid of the spider. i thought cats ate spiders? not Shrek. he was nowhere to be found. (see pictures of spider in album, yes i actually took pictures!)
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