Reds SUCK!!

24 Jun
(yes there seems to be a common theme in my titles)

yesterday we headed out to the baseball game. we being: me, my boyfriend and my sister. she had been wanting to see a game on account of having never been and just sheer curiosity. so we went yesterday because it was cheap tickets+hotdogs day. we packed peanuts and ate them all. leaving a giant crunchy mess underfoot. it started off rather uneventfully (unless you are a baseball fan, in which case: the Jays pitcher, Mr. Moustache as i called him, got all 3 Reds out. real fast too.). but soon it started. a Jay hit a home run and everyone went crazy yelling and screaming. one Reds guy let go of the bat and it flew into the crowd. a fan caught it but the player wanted it back, so the crowd booed him. then another guy broke his bat in half. then some pigeons flew down. then another home run. then the pigeons came back. another home run. and then some pitcher changes, then some more pitcher changes. then another home run! at this point i should mention: the home runs were all by Jays, it started sucking and Reds started scoring once we lost Mr. Moustache to Mr. Can’t Throw A Good Pitch and the pigeons only stayed on the field very briefly. there were soem drunk guys in the upper level waving their shirts and with writing on their bellies, as the JumoTron was on them, you could see security trying to calm them down. one chick didn’t realize she was on it, and just kept yakking on her cell. and then there was an awesome dancing kid. he was missing all 4 front teeth and he moved like a cooked noodle.

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