San Francisco Day 3

03 Aug

Sat. July25

                Golden Gate
Bridge was decided on as our next destination, but not without my morning
coffee fix. For that we headed back to Ghiradelli Square. The smell was
overwhelming and I ended up buying chocolates to go with the good coffee. We took
the scenic route along a bike path to get there. Along the way we saw some
starfish in the lake and looked out onto the ocean from a dock. This dock had a
confusing sign saying you couldn’t take certain types of crabs from the ocean,
the way it was written seemed to imply that you could just reach over the rail
and pluck one off the post holding up the dock. Looking back at the bridge to
Oakland you could see the sun glint off the passing cars’ windshields which was
kind of ironic given that where we were it was foggy grey and cold. As we got
closer to the bridge we saw some people training for the Sunday Marathon. And even
closer to the bridge the water was very wavy, which some surfers were taking
advantage of. It was entertaining watching them wipeout. It took almost an hour
to navigate the foot traffic while simultaneously trying to take photos and get
to the other side and back. On our way back we also decided to go see the
Palace of Fine Arts (again, another great recommendation from the guide book)
but not before getting some food from a place called Crissy’s Café. It was the
best chicken soup with veggies ever, and the iced tea? It was made of actual
tea! I was shocked. And the cup containing the iced tea was made of corn oil
and was completely compostable. The Palace of Fine Arts was as beautiful as the
book said it would be, but it was odd to see pink coloured columns. There were
some sculptures of ladies atop a few of the columns and one of them had a
seagull perched atop her head. We even saw a wedding couple having their photos

                We walked
back through the residential neighbourhood Presidio and made some locals laugh with
our amazing disoriented jaywalking skills. I tested the waters and only went in
ankle deep and deemed it better than Lake Ontario in that it was actually
warmer and it did not give me a rash on my foot. To recoup our energy we went
to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. Ice cream in hand, we settled down to
recharge and what better way than by watching MTVs Teen Cribs? One girl had a
pet deer named Bonita, that made me choke on my ice cream I laughed so hard. Ready
to go again we headed out to Russian Hill and then Nob Hill. What we did not
anticipate was how very steep it was going to be on our way to Vallejo Hill,
which we never did end up finding, but we did find another nice park with a
gorgeous view of the Coit Tower and Oakland Bridge and the bay. Along the way
there were some humorously named laundromats such as “Light’n Your Load” and
also “Tons of Bubbles” which from afar I thought it was a bubbles supply store
selling stuff like bubble mix and wands. From there we went to the street with the
steepest grade in all of San Francisco, with a grade of 31.5 degrees: Filbert
Street. It was purposely planned out so that we would get to walk down not up
it. It was in fact so steep the sidewalk had stairs and a guy drove down in his
pickup truck yelling “woo” out the window. Russian Hill was full of beautiful
houses and more steep hills. We went to McDonald’s so I could satisfy my curiosity
with a sweet tea, and they are not lying when they say sweet. It was
undrinkable. At the Wharf we got sourdough pizza and crab cakes for dinner,
which may sound gross but is an awesome combination.  We went to Safeway so I could continue my
quest to find Keebler cookies (the coconut chocolate chips ones) but alas they
were not there. Food spread all over the bed, we pigged out and watched TV and
drank sugarcane 7Up (which was actually a different drink called Bubble Up that
was mistook for 7Up).  Late night TV,
pizza and crabcakes was awesome.  There was
a show called “Extreme Fast Food” followed by “Extreme Pigout” where they
showed a place that serves a 15lb burger, at which point I gave up on TV. It was
just gross looking.

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