Condensed soup of a summer

12 Aug

up until i left for San Francisco it didn’t really seem like summer around here. well actually, it still doesn’t totally, given that every day it has rained, even when they called for clear sunny skys, we still got a mini-thunderstorm. but when we returned, even at 1am, it was hotter in Toronto than it had been the whole time in SF. it was humid and muggy and i thought to myself, finally its summer!

it has been a rather condensed summer though. we went up to a cottage on the Civiv Holiday long weeknd for four days,ย to partake in a softball tournament. i learned i am no good at softball. i finally got to go swimming and my bikini finally got some time away from my closet. i even got attacked by a bat, he flew almost right into my face… twice. and the mosquitoes attempted to feast on me, but alas were no match for my fast reaction time and killer slaps.

with the heat came the realization that not having AC sucks. so me and my mom ran off to Dufferin Mall to bask in the air-conditioned glory (not a whole lot of shopping there).

we came back just in time to celebrate my birthday. i spent the day asleep in the park, gorging on cupcakes and fruit. and of course some delicious barbeque, because what is a day in the park without some good food? got an awesome iPod touch for my birthday too.

of course, i went on a freebie birthday hunt. free lip gloss (from Aerie, and Sephora), free drink at Starbucks. not a big haul, but still good.

then came the weekend of The Taste of the Danforth, Mike came to town just for the occassion. we walked and we walked and then we ate and ate some more. we decided to try kangaroo burgers. its a bit of a sweeter meat. but still delicious. and then for dessert, of course we had baklava. mine was drenched in honey, so much so that it was literally pouring down my arm, and i was leaving a big sticky puddle in the pavement. Mike was complaining that his backpack was heavy, so we got some free helium filled balloons and tied them to his back, to no avail of course, but it was still entertaining. at the end of the night he gave me his balloons, so i was stuck walking around with 6 balloons tied to my bag, i looked like a crazy lady. (my kitten, popped one and got scared and hid under the rug)

the next day i returned to the Danforth and ate an entire quail. not that impressive, given its no bigger than a pigeon. but way more delicious. and i had my beloved rum balls. still the best rum balls around.

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