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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I’m a

Self-Knowing Tree Hugging Extrovert

hmm…. extrovert? tree-hugger probably only because i have no choice but to take public transit. self-knowing? meh, sure.

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Dear Doppelganger

As soon as you sat down across me from on the streetcar, I saw it, I saw my likeness in you. I know you saw your likeness in me, because as soon as you sat down we exchanged a mildly amused look and you gave me a half smile. As I continued looking, my heart sank. You looked so disheveled and uncared for, it was heartbreaking and sad. You can do better than that guy you were with. Under that baggy raggedy clothes and those sad tearful eyes is a beautiful person.
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You know what gets my goat?

Weeds. i gave up on that show at episode 11, season 4 due to a dwindling plot line and dwindling character (Nancy). i was told by Mike (who introduced me to it in the first place) that in season 5 it picks up again, and i trust his tv-taste. psyched for it to start, i was further encouraged to start watching again by some awesome radio ads. they took the theme song and changed to words to be about what channel and what time it was on. i was craving it so bad because of that commercial, walking around with the (awesome!) theme song stuck in my head… only to be disappointed by the first episode not playing it (pointed out to me that ot’s because the show no longer takes place in Agrestic), and of course the episode was not of the calibre i expected. somewhere deep down inside i hoped they would bring back the theme song in episode 2, but alas nope, just a lame opening. and an only slightly amusing episode. my theory: the lack of awesome theme song has (somehow?) affected the quality of the plot.

being back the Weeds opening theme song i say! just rewrite the words to fit the current plot, duh.

(note: in Canada we get it later than in the States, it just started up here)

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Meanest Psych EVER!

over the weekend me and Brent went to Collingwood, to get me away from my tin-can-grave which was pushing me precariously close to the edge, i was ready to kick it out the window. while up there, on one of my many trips to Tim Hortons, i noticed that they had a donut called Chocolate Snowflake which got me SO excited! and as i looked at the actual donut, my heart fell into my stomach… it was NOT the chocolate snowflake i had fallen in love with eons ago. no it was some shoddy imposter teasing me. the next day i decided that it was not fair to get all mad if i didn’t at least try it. so i did, and it is LAME compared to the original! all it is is a french cruller dipped in chocolate on the top and sprinkled with icing sugar. so uninventive and boooooring.


bring back the original Chocolate Snowflake!

i am taking my "fight" to the forums. join me.

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An Open Invite (Challenge?) To Any and All:

my computer has been giving me problems, i have consulted with several of my well-computer-versed friends as well as random internet people (albeit i was reading about THEIR problems) and partly inspired by the book i am reading, i have decided to post my dilemma here, in hopes someone will stumble across it and just happen to have the solution i am looking for.

so my saga goes:

a week ago i downloaded a program (which i scanned with AVG before running) to convert .mov files to a workable format for Windows Movie Maker (yes that is how lazy i am). i didn’t configure much in the settings of what i was converting TO. as it turns out i was attempting to convert to some HD format, which prompted a need to update my DivX Codec, and because i so really wanted to edit my cat movies, i updated, only to find out that WMM didn’t support this new-fangled format (i switched to converting to .mpg and that is well).

soon after this, i was trying to burn a DVD using Nero 7. but it was taking forever and the buffer was going up and down (like crazy). so i did a SpyBot scan, thinking spyware was slowing down my comp. nope. virus scan next, but it was going too slow given i was still burning, so i had to abandon that. in all the burning took an hour. i read up that AVG is not the greatest and it can slow down comps (and i remembered having trouble with it before) so i uninstalled that. along with DivX given that was what seemed to be causing me this pain. both to no avail.

things got worse. now it would take over an hour and then at the end of that i got an error (and a wasted DVD DL). i looked it up online and there was mention of the harddrive needing defragmenting (which i had checked for a week ago and did not need) and apparently it was in need of defragging, so i did that along with disk space clean up. it seemed to help a little at first, but still errors.

next i did a disk error check and a check on my DVD drive. both are fine and in working order it says. i tried to troubleshoot my DVD burner, but got lost in the Microsoft web of links linking to previous links. a friend suggested it’s my burner, but it’s a Philips brand and newly bought just last year. i tried to update the driver but there is now new one. next i tried to "rollback the driver" as Microsoft suggested, but there was no previous driver. at a loss i ran a virus scan and turned up nothing.

my thoughts: i have to reinstall the drivers on my DVD burner, i have to reinstall Nero 7, or i need more RAM. but would redirecting my memory to RAM help?
what do i do? i am at a loss. help me computer wizards!!

EDIT: the converting program is called Pazera, i downloaded it for free from CNET, it had fairly good reviews and i scanned it before opening it, and then scanned it again when i installed Avira instead. also: i randomly get keyboard errors when i turn my computer on, i would say average once a week my computer does not read my keyboard initially, i have to plug in a different keyboard (it has a different end to plug-in, the purple coloured one, which for typing etc.. my comp cannot read, only for getting out of that error screen) but as soon as i get out of that error page and plug my regular (USB) keyboard in (now i don’t even unplug it, just plug in the second one) it works fine!! and i always get that error screen because every time i get an error screen saying: Computer failed system memory test, press F1 to continue. and i should also say: when i am not running Nero 7, it works fine, i can run multiple programs at once with no problem (save for Windows Movie Maker, but that i know for sure is due to it being a shit program.) also any suggestions on better (and easy to use) free movie editing programs are welcome.

again, help!

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another school year is upon us… well us students. no more sitting around, lounging in the sun… doing nothing, being bored… it was awesome. but with this wretchedness comes my all-time favourite season and that is: good TV season! yay!! so far i’ve only seen Melrose Place and 90210. and i must say this: Ashlee Simpson cannot act for shit. and it is very evident given the "role" they gave her. she just pops up every so often with an awkward one-liner then disappears. its annoying and ruins the flowing continuity. 90210 was much better, but maybe i am just more accustomed to it? Shenae Grimes as Annie seems to be heading down the same path as her previous character on Degrassi, boring. sadly there won’t be any Breaking Bad or United States of Tara this year. but to make up for it, i am giving Weeds another chance, i stopped watching after the second last episode of season 4 (last season here in Canada, where we are behind) but have since decided to try again, mostly just because they keep playing the theme song on the radio in a commercial.

with this also comes the annual TIFF. which for non-movie goers like me means: freebies abound! why today alone i raked in: free Diet Coke (in a fancy glass bottle i might add), free Reese candy bar, free shampoo (twice, to be fair its been a free shampoo summer, i am set until next year) and free Fuze juice (again like the shampoo, it was all summer long). i haven’t seen any celebrities, which is no surprise given that i barely grazed past Yorkville today in a desperate attempt to get on the subway before the mass hoards of rushhour came out (i made it home safely, no drowning in the crowds)

tomorrow i will venture out in search of more freebies, while on my way to a freebie (free movie screening at Yonge & Dundas AMC at 6pm). but so far you know this: free Diet Coke & free Fuze juice (at various parts of the city) and free John Frieda Frizz-Ease shampoo+conditioner at Yonge & Dundas Sqaure (outside H&M).

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