Meanest Psych EVER!

21 Sep
over the weekend me and Brent went to Collingwood, to get me away from my tin-can-grave which was pushing me precariously close to the edge, i was ready to kick it out the window. while up there, on one of my many trips to Tim Hortons, i noticed that they had a donut called Chocolate Snowflake which got me SO excited! and as i looked at the actual donut, my heart fell into my stomach… it was NOT the chocolate snowflake i had fallen in love with eons ago. no it was some shoddy imposter teasing me. the next day i decided that it was not fair to get all mad if i didn’t at least try it. so i did, and it is LAME compared to the original! all it is is a french cruller dipped in chocolate on the top and sprinkled with icing sugar. so uninventive and boooooring.


bring back the original Chocolate Snowflake!

i am taking my "fight" to the forums. join me.

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