You know what gets my goat?

22 Sep
Weeds. i gave up on that show at episode 11, season 4 due to a dwindling plot line and dwindling character (Nancy). i was told by Mike (who introduced me to it in the first place) that in season 5 it picks up again, and i trust his tv-taste. psyched for it to start, i was further encouraged to start watching again by some awesome radio ads. they took the theme song and changed to words to be about what channel and what time it was on. i was craving it so bad because of that commercial, walking around with the (awesome!) theme song stuck in my head… only to be disappointed by the first episode not playing it (pointed out to me that ot’s because the show no longer takes place in Agrestic), and of course the episode was not of the calibre i expected. somewhere deep down inside i hoped they would bring back the theme song in episode 2, but alas nope, just a lame opening. and an only slightly amusing episode. my theory: the lack of awesome theme song has (somehow?) affected the quality of the plot.

being back the Weeds opening theme song i say! just rewrite the words to fit the current plot, duh.

(note: in Canada we get it later than in the States, it just started up here)

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