Ponderings and Musings?

08 Dec
why is it that Mallo Cups are so hard to come by here in Canada? the only place I can find them is at Sugar Mountain (specialty candy store). forget about being able to go ACROSS THE STREET to 7-Eleven, nooooo I have to venture ALL THE WAY DOWNTOWN (1hr one way in transit) and pay TOO MUCH (on account of its "specialness") to get them. what up? in the States they are readily available, i mean i found them in a gas station in a hick town! its not fair 😦

and while i am complaining: Charleston Chews. those USED to be quite readily available (ironically before i got hooked on them) and now: i can only find them in ONE candy store, the ubiquitous Sugar Mountain. (Tutti Fruitti, used to have them, but they don’t seem to be doing very well, the one on Queen Street closed down, and the one on Yonge St. seems to be being kept alive by the currency exchange place, which by the way has the best rates in town, no fees AND the nicest guy ever working behind the counter, i think he owns the place?). i remember them being at 7-Eleven (and thinking it was gross, i mean "chew"? come on!) and then i found them at Yorkdale in a flower shop (that was when the addiction started, some 3 odd years ago?). and now? only at Sugar Mountain, and the price has gone up since i used to buy them at Sugar Mountain in London on Richmond. what up?! wait… if Charleston Chews are by Tootsie: shouldn’t they be more widely available?! ps: strawberry is the best flavour 😉

lastly: frozen Charleston Chews= gross! gnarly. bad. awful awful awful idea.

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