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Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

i am perplexed by the love affairs people seem to have with sandwiches. as if there is no such thing as a BAD sandwich? i can think of plenty. bad bread. bad meat. bad bread AND meat? i mean dempster’s white bread with baloney? gross! why? why is it the go-to food for so many? easy to make? yes, sometimes. i forget where i was going with this.

sandwiches are NOT perfect. case in point: vanilla ice cream sandwich. gross. unless it has Oreo bits in it, then its good. or Subway cold cuts. if you are having someone make a sandwich for you: go all out. order the big greasy, cheesey, meltey, warm, super-fattening delicious one. don’t skimp. cold cuts is just gross anyways. a mix of meats? blech.

also death to philly cheese steak subs… delicious until they make you sick

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