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Pinka and the Pineapple- Round 1

last week my mom bought some (awesome smelling) pineapple tea that i was afraid to try on account of my (mild) dislike of pineapple. well i hate the actual fruit (eating it, not appearance-wise) but i can sometimes stand the flavour (artificial). and the smell is yummy.

so on Monday i decided to make myself a cup of it to take to school to hold me over while i flattened fibre prints in the hot press (tedious and time consuming!)… before i even got a sip of it, i dropped my mug in the stairwell and it spilled everywhere! and then the hot press took forever to warm up thus i couldn’t leave my prints in there for as long… two days later (after being under two sets of encyclopedias each for that whole time): still curled.

Tuesday i tried again. brewed myself a nice cup, sweetened to my liking… and i forgot it at home! didn’t realize it until i was on the bus. i should have seen it as a sign of a bad day, but nope. i decided to go to Timmies to get a replacement cup of tea. when i got to the printmaking studio (on my day off mind you)… it was full of people. the class had gone into overtime and there were 2-3 people per press. i was screwed. so i looked around for a tech to ask if there were any other presses i could use. no such luck.

today i thought i wasn’t even going to try my luck with the tea. i went without… and my day still sucked. printmaking was awful. first i had too much water. then not enough. then too much. then not enough. it went on like this for 1.5hrs until finally things started to pick up. probably because it got to a point where there is no way it could’ve been any worse?

having skipped my afternoon class (for the sake of my sanity) helped alot. i had to go to 7-Eleven for more tokens. and i don’t like going in there alone. i lack the will power to not buy candy. but i told myself, this time will be different, i will only go up to the cash and get my tokens… 7-Eleven had other plans. what did they have up at cash? why big giant rice krispy squares! my biggest weakness! thankfully i DID get my film review done today. so at least one thing done.

and the rest of the day is looking better: Shrek (my cat) is going crazy, Brody (Brent’s dog) is coming to visit, and of course i have casa-de-Brent to myself this afternoon to catch up on House (stupid Monday-night film class keeps me from watching House)

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