bow down to me

07 Apr
yep, i am THAT certain that i am in fact a true genius. two days ago i concocted a wonderously delicious dessert that goes as follows: ice cream (in my case i was eating heavenly hash, but i ‘spose it can really be any ice cream, except mint… or vanilla… or anything with caramel, gross) and then "sprinkle" (as in, heave) some peanut M&Ms on top of it. then instead of a spoon, use a KitKat (in my case, all i had were minis, still works) as a spoon. deliciously diabetic. i mean diabolic? delicious. lets just stick with delicious.
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One response to “bow down to me

  1. Camilla

    April 11, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    hey Pinka…who reads this stuff??? Lucy and I both agree that it\’s knid of funny but who is your audience? or are you writing for yourself?


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