Chicago/Shipshewana Roadtrip 2010

06 May

Day 3- Sun. Apr. 25, 2010:

One of the things I wanted
to do while in Chicago was to get my morning coffee from a different place
every day. On Sunday it happened to be a recommendation from the internet,
Intelligentsia. So we set out to the one I had google-mapsed. Still being new
to the city as we were, we kind of missed the turn and kept on walking.
Eventually we got to Millenium Park and I realized that we had gone too far. We
whipped out the map to see we had gone about 4-5 blocks too far. So we decided
to turn left and go down the other street that made up the intersection where
it was. Yet as soon as we had turned, no more than a few steps and we were
there! Turns out they have a few locations. And I can see why it was
recommended, the coffee was amazing! They don’t brew a full pot and then pour you
a cup. Nope, they individually brew cups of coffee per customer and that does
make a difference taste-wise. Coffee in hand, we continued along the route we
had planned for the day. First stop: Trump Tower, which was not that
interesting to look at. We were more amused by the parking garage across the
street where the cars looked like they could topple over the edge because there
was no barrier.

Next we saw the Wrigley
Building, which was actually by chance; I don’t think it was circled on our
map. That and I guessed what it was before we actually got up close to see that
I was in fact right. At the Tribune Tower our true touristiness shone bright:
we walked inside to the lobby, gazing up expecting to see pieces of buildings
from all over the world, much to the amusement of a bewildered security guard.
When we got back outside that was when we noticed a piece of the Wawel Castle
from Poland right beside the doorway. So began our circling the building,
looking at each piece of building from the pyramids of Giza to a piece from
Cumberland Gap (Tennesee? I should know this, I was there!).

Navy Pier was the main
attraction for the day. It was pretty hokey and fun just like Fisherman’s Wharf
was. There was a McDonald’s with a confusing sign implying either that McDonald’s
is the future or what was inside was a futuristic McDonald’s. The Smith Stained
Glass Museum was interesting at first, but then it just kept going and going
and going. On and on forever row upon row of stained glass. Thankfully we had a
bag of Garrett’s Popcorn (caramel) which was also recommended to us by the tour
book. The popcorn was amazing! It was soft 
but also crunchy and just the right mix of sweet and buttery. Olive Park
had looked a lot better on the map where it had been denoted as a park. It
wasn’t really a park. It was more of a concrete slab with some trees that led
out to a view of the lakeside and Navy Pier. As we walked by the lakeside
towards Byron’s Hot Dog Haus (another podcast recommendation) we happened to
walk right through a charity march, in the rain. Yep, it was raining at that
point. As we meandered through the city, slowly 
making our way to Byron’s, we happened upon Gino’s East Pizza which is
where we were planning on eating dinner later that night (albeit not that location,
we wanted to eat at the original). And there was a line-up forming outside
before it was even open! And you could tell this was a regular occurrence
because they had heat lamps in the canopy over the entrance!

We were walking for what
seemed like forever. The rain was not helping, nor was my second round of
hiccups (first one was at Navy Pier) that also lasted forever. When we got to
where Byron’s was supposed to be we were shocked to find it was not there! We
had walked for about an hour, at least… for nothing! The wind started to pick
up and the rain got harder as we walked back towards the city (we were on the
edge of downtown it seemed). We decided that we would just eat at Gino’s for
lunch instead. There was no line up, we were seated right away. Gino’s was
really cool looking, it was covered in graffiti that was covered in even more
graffiti! We were told that the pizza would take 45 minutes to cook, so I
wandered off to go see the shops on North Michigan. In the end though I was way
too hungry and headed back. As I came back there was a huge line up! Turns out
we had just missed the lunch rush. The pizza was delicious and I can definitely
see why the line ups formed. We had ordered the deluxe one, which is apparently
the original deep dish pizza. It was perfect.

Full of delicious pizza, I
headed back out to try my hand at shopping again. This time was more
successful. At a sports store across the street from Gino’s I found the Soffe’s
shorts I had been so direly looking for. 
And as a bonus: they were on sale! The mall itself was poorly laid out.
It was 6 floors! And on each floor was only about one or two stores I actually
liked. So that was inconvenient. And the sizes were a bit off. I ended up
buying way less than I had intended. I went to about 3 shoe stores looking for
a new pair of running shoes but to no avail. I found one pair but apparently in
the U.S a size 7.5 is not the same as in Canada! Back in the hotel I joined
Brent for a cold pizza dinner (the pizza we had ordered was huge! At Gino’s we
each only ate about 2 slices and had to get the rest boxed). We headed back out
(in the rain and wind) through Grant Park to see Soldier Field. It was a lot
colder then and the wind was passing right through my sweater!

Cold, wet and tired we
slowly made our way to the gas station. There we stocked up on candy and soda
and chips. The new white Mountain Dew was gross, honey barbeque Lays were delicious
and the coconut M&Ms from Kalamazoo were also deliciously good. The food
was way better than the TV, the new episode of the Simpsons sucked and we did
not get AMC so we couldn’t watch Breaking Bad. All well and good given how
exhausted I was.

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