Chicago/Shipshewana Roadtrip 2010

11 May

Day 6- Wed. Apr. 28, 2010:

            This time
for my morning coffee I just went downstairs to the hotel restaurant. It was
nice because I got to enjoy it in bed while reading my book (which I was trying
so desperately to finish so I could start on Malcolm Gladwell’s “What the Dog
Saw”). Admittedly I did spill some coffee on the bed, but it was not
noticeable, most of it was on my pj’s. After the coffee kicked in we headed out
north, towards Wrigley Field, we had tickets to an afternoon baseball game. We walked
along the shore of the lake, taking in all the beautiful scenery. The weather
could not have been more perfect, it was warm and sunny and just gorgeous! We
didn’t really have a route planned; we just kind of meandered north. Initially we
were going to first go to the baseball game and then on our way back check out
Lincoln Park and the accompanying stuff therein. But as we wandered northward,
we happened upon the Standing Lincoln statue, which was on the list of things
to see, and again, just as at the Sitting Lincoln, there was a creepy hobo. What
is with hobos and Lincoln statues?! We still had time so we decided to check
out the farm and the zoo. When I saw it on the map I just assumed it was a
small crummy zoo, á la High Park zoo. Boy was I wrong. It was huge! And it
closed at 5, so we decided to hurry through and see as much as we could. Among the
many animals we saw: penguins, puffins, lions, and a rhino! It put High Park
zoo to shame. I even got to see  a male
otter trying to court a female who was just not having it, she just seemed
annoyed by his cutesey antics.

            On the
way to Wrigley Field we also passed by The Wiener’s Circle, yet another hot dog
place on our list of places to eat. We were already pretty hungry and still had
some time, so we decided to eat before the game (and good thing we did, I was hungry
again before the game was even over!). The hot dog, or “char-dog” as they
rightfully called it, was delicious. It was smaller than Portillo’s and
Superdawgs but I liked the charred aspect to it, made it delicious.  The cucumber was not as good as the other two
places though, maybe it was the celery salt? The hot dog was on a poppyseed
bun, which at the time was a good (and tasty) thing, but as I later (and I mean
way later) learned it was not so. Turned out I had a poppyseed stuck in my
teeth all day!
At the Weiner’s Circle we did not get yelled at or sworn as the guide
book and TV show we watched in San Francisco had promised, maybe for the
The baseball game itself was OK, there was one awesome catch,
and I got to see the Cubs coach get all mad and up in some guys face. Towards the
end of the game a flock of seagulls came in, but none of them landed on the
field itself. The stadium itself was (kind of) more interesting. The ivy wall
was pretty and I liked that they put in stadium seating on the rooftops of
houses across the street! At some point there were some really annoying drunk
people trying to sneak better seats behind us. And they managed to secure those
seats for about 5 minutes before the usher came back and kicked them out. I happened
to have been sitting right beside him the whole time. All game long he kept
people from trying to sneak better seats. Thank goodness he got rid of those
obnoxious drunk people, one of the guys had barf on his leg, or so he said.

            As we
walked back to the hotel we ended up in Lincoln Park again, so we decided to
see as much of the zoo as we could in the 20 minutes we had left before
closing. None of the apes were out, the lion yawned really big and the seal
exhibit was closed. We walked back along the lake again, this time the sun was
not directly behind the buildings so I actually managed to get some good shots
of the skyline. On my insistence, we ate at Chili’s downtown. Thanks to those
(wonderful?) commercials that were on TV ad nauseum back in the day when I had American
TV, I had the baby back ribs. Amazing. They were absolutely amazing. I really
wish I had ordered more. They were so meaty and so saucy and just so freaking
awesomely delicious, oh I wish we had Chili’s here! I would be so broke and so
fat though. This being our last full day in the city, we decided we would go to
the other Garrett’s popcorn location and stock up on some more yummy goodness.  Along the way we stopped in at Walgreen’s to
stock up on candy (which also happened to be the souvenir I was bringing home
for my sisters). There I was in the candy aisle, calmly grabbing mass amounts
of candy bars when a small mob formed around me. Suddenly there were about ten
other people, all madly grabbing candy bars! It was a feeding frenzy. I guess
it was because some chocolate bars were on sale for 39 cents.

We walked along Michigan Ave.
looking for it and we got pretty far south when we realized it seemed we had
gone too far. So we whipped out our trusty map (which we barely needed at this
point mind you) and checked. Somehow (!) we had managed to walk RIGHT by it. And
not even smelled it at that. What makes Garrett’s caramel popcorn so good? They
apparently use brown sugar. I wish I had some right now. When we backtracked to
where the map said it was, all we found was a demolition site. Refusing to give
up, I went into the store next door to inquire. Thankfully, the guy said it was
just a block south and on a side street. When we got there it turned out we had
passed by it on the north and south side and had continued on the street it was
on but across the intersection! Had we just looked down the street we would’ve
seen it! It’s a good thing we did not walk all the way back to Navy Pier, but I
would’ve done so anyways. That popcorn is so damn good. At some point I also
went in to Descartes Coffee (another coffee place I had wanted to try) and had
a white mocha which was the best white mocha I’d ever had. Two thumbs up. It was
creamy and just the right amount of sweet.

Back in the hotel, satiated
and surrounded by even more good food, I stretched my feet out and turned the
TV on. It was time for Melrose Place, or so I thought. When I turned to the
channel I was shocked to see the stupid news was on. I was like WHAT?! So I checked
the internet only to find out that it, along with 90210 (which I had been
looking forward to watching the next day) had been on Tuesday night! The one
day I lament sucks in TV-land and both shows were on!! I was so mad. I quickly
remembered though that CSI:NY was on, which I usually don’t watch because of
Melrose Place. Between CSI:NY and the chewy Giant Nerds I cheered back up.

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