Chicago/Shipshewana Roadtrip 2010

13 May

Day 10- Sun. May 2, 2010:

            I can
surely say that there is nothing worse than a 5am wakeup call when the thunder
had kept you up all night long. And it showed really quickly, upon check out as
we were getting in the car I felt an absence on my right hip… my camera! I had
forgotten it upstairs in the hotel room. Thankfully I realized it right away
and was let back in. also thankfully there was actually someone working the
front desk at 5am on a Sunday. The trusty GPS decided to take us down some dirt
back roads to get to the highway, not so great when the sun isn’t even up
(therefore I shouldn’t be up either by the way) and there are no street lamps. I
could not for the life of me stay awake. My head kept snapping foreword… waking
me up. The first highway rest stop in Michigan was not that bad; I guess it was
newly built. Unlike the second one which was run down and smelly and if it were
dark out would totally be the set of the start of a horror movie. We stopped at
Marathon gas station to refill so I decided to get a cup of coffee. The smallest
size they had was 16oz, that is 2 cups! It was dirt cheap and tasted so too. What
was even sadder was the largest size available: 44oz. 44! 5 and a half cups! It’s
unbelievable really. Near the border I saw my beloved ad again, for may have even been the same one. There was also a giant gross ad
for toe fungus, featuring a picture of an infected toe. We missed the duty-free
shop because it was on the other side for people entering the States, turns out
there isn’t one for people leaving.

the end? for now. until August.

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