Chicago/Shipshewana Roadtrip 2010

13 May

Day 9- Sat. May 1, 2010:

            For breakfast
I snagged some more Pop Tarts and Swiss Miss, neither of which I actually ate
mind you. This time we drove into town to check out the rest of the stores (which
we purposely left for the next day so we would have something to do). Alas,
still no silver rings. One of the places we went into was like an indoor market
with three floors of stores. And on one floor the bathrooms were denoted with
the two people from American Gothic instead of the usual girl and boy signs. We
went to a cupcake store called Garden Gate Café and it was the greatest cupcake
experience of my life! I could not decide between Key Lime and Pink Almond. Thankfully
the Pink Almond came in a mini size too, so I got one on the side. Brent went
for the chocolate one which of all the three was the least tasty, albeit still
very very tasty. Pink Almond came out on top, it was the best, and not just
because it was pink and did not dye my lips green like the Key Lime (which was
richer, I think it had a pudding base) 
but they both had a generous amount of icing on top.

            The Amish
Auction Restaurant was closed, which kind of screwed up our lunch plans to say
the least.  So we just wandered the flea
market grounds, looking at closed up stalls. The only really interesting (?)
thing there was the toilets. They did not have stall doors, instead they had
curtains! It was weird and creepy. We went back to the Bread Box Bakery and its
adjoining jam and noodle store where I bought some black raspberry jam, which has
made my pb&j sandwiches all the more awesome. I also got to watch an Amish
lady making noodles while I pondered the jam selection, sadly though they weren’t
making any jam that day. In the spirit of rationing the day activities, we
headed back to the hotel for some more crappy TV shows. This time it was a show
about gangs, oddly enough on the History Channel which has led me to believe
they have had a serious drop in viewership and are desperately trying to get
their numbers up.

            We headed
back to the Bread Box for lunch. I had some delicious Amish chicken soup and a
bread roll. The soup was so good; I even bit into a carrot and did not mind the
taste. We sat outside in the garden patio while we ate. And of course for
dessert I had another heavenly brownie. Brent had an Amish donut, which I of
course stole a bite of and totally kicked Tim Horton’s ass. It had chocolate chips
on top, and a basic sugar icing and it actually tasted like a mini cake, made
of normal ingredients like butter and eggs, no artificial crap! Thankfully I managed
to find 90210 on the internet after some searching and I got all caught up. At this
point it was raining outside and everything was closed.

            For dinner
we had more East of Chicago Pizza. While we were driving back to the hotel with
said pizza, I actually drove for a bit on a tiny side road and parked the car, all
without killing anyone. I learned another lesson too: Lipton Brisk Raspberry
iced tea is the grossest drink ever. I love iced tea, both real and artificial,
name brand, knock off, and diet, but this stuff was intolerable. Thankfully the
Lindor raspberry truffle to go with it was way better. We ate the pizza while
watching what was arguably one of the dumbest shows I have ever seen in my
entire life. It also furthered my notion about the History Channel being in trouble.
They were talking about how human DNA was “coded by aliens” I mean really?! Come

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  1. Zachary

    June 7, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    cool story brah


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