Shunday Shenanigans

17 May
i had to pick up my work (which was on display) from the Clothing Show yesterday. my family decided to tag along and we browsed the show. at the end my sisters were bargaining with a guy for some scarves and he wouldn’t give. so we moved on. he came and found us, we went back. when we went back i noticed that all of a sudden, everyone, and i mean everyone, around us was eating soft serve ice cream from the food court across from where we were. i found it rather suspect. ten people don’t all of a sudden ALL get ice cream cravings. they just don’t. so we went to the ice cream place to ask what the price was, thinking it was at a discount… the guy said "at this point, it’s free" and my eyes lit up! i was overjoyed. free ice cream! it was vanilla chocolate twist, but still, free! but then Camilla couldn’t really finish hers, so i helped and ate it. just as i was finishing, Lucy also said she couldn’t finish hers (of which she had barely eaten any! nor had Camilla) and horrified at the thought of throwing away perfectly good free ice cream… i manned up and ate it. if you are keeping count, that is three generous helpings of soft serve ice cream. i cannot eat ice cream anymore. it has been ruined. i felt so sick and so gross that i went around saying i was lactose intolerant. which i quickly had to stop saying on account of all the "eew" reactions i was getting, rather than the laughs i had anticipated.
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