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G20 in 20 seconds:

Horses in riot gear (face shields and shin guards), cute… but the whole downtown core smelled like a zoo for the entire week leading up to G20.

Cops on ATVs patrolling the boardwalk at Sunnyside Beach… a full 30.5km AWAY from the Convention Centre, but regardless, they "whizzed by" on their ATVs (well, whizzed, more like crawled, i was running faster!) to make sure no illegal activities were underway (and i don’t mean all the potheads in the park). They made damn sure that those dangerous kite-flyers were reprimanded. Yup, it was illegal to fly a kite, and it was actually being enforced. But you could tell they did not take their jobs THAT seriously, they DID let the parents put their 3-year old on the ATV for a cute photo-op. Kite-flying danger averted, the G20 summit was safe from air attacks.

As per the actual days of the summit: no idea, was nowhere near the downtown core.

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whole whack of posts

1.) i finally get back to eating ice cream and what happens? just as i finish my cone (me and Brent went to Greg’s ice cream after Doors Open) Brent declares he cannot finish his and offers it to me. after i just got over the Clothing Show Free Ice Cream Trauma and was slowly warming back up to ice cream… he tried to ruin it! not intentionally. we giggled.

2.) since when is the natural flavour of fruit not enough to sweeten yogurt? and if it does need sweetening why so much? i swear the yogurt that is in my fridge tastes more like cake icing than yogurt. and this of course is nothing compared the American atrocity i had in the States. wait… i think they are the same brand. boycott Yoplait until they make a better tasting yogurt! there weren’t even any fruit chunks in it! what happened to the good old days of lumpy mushy yogurt with the fruit at the bottom? actual, naturally made yogurt? with actual real fruit? in all its lumpy naturally sweet goodness?! can we even call this gelatinous smooth goop yogurt?

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