G20 in 20 seconds:

29 Jun
Horses in riot gear (face shields and shin guards), cute… but the whole downtown core smelled like a zoo for the entire week leading up to G20.

Cops on ATVs patrolling the boardwalk at Sunnyside Beach… a full 30.5km AWAY from the Convention Centre, but regardless, they "whizzed by" on their ATVs (well, whizzed, more like crawled, i was running faster!) to make sure no illegal activities were underway (and i don’t mean all the potheads in the park). They made damn sure that those dangerous kite-flyers were reprimanded. Yup, it was illegal to fly a kite, and it was actually being enforced. But you could tell they did not take their jobs THAT seriously, they DID let the parents put their 3-year old on the ATV for a cute photo-op. Kite-flying danger averted, the G20 summit was safe from air attacks.

As per the actual days of the summit: no idea, was nowhere near the downtown core.

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