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An open letter:

Dear MSN.

F–K you. Yep. First you took away my stats counter for my MSN space. Now you have integrated Messenger INTO Hotmail?! WTF? Now every time I want to go to my inbox I get flooded with all the conversation windows I already have open! Add onto that the fact that my display picture disappears, and my display name changes. Why must you irritate and frustrate me so?! What was so wrong with the way things were?! What about people who long ago abandoned their MSN chats? And now when they check their email? I can only imagine their headache.

Secondly why not work on not allowing stupid spammers messaging me about free groceries?!

DAMN YOU. Fix it!

Am I actually going to have to log out of Messenger JUST so I can check my email? Or have it forward everything to a new address? PAIN IN MY ASS.

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cats.. mice…. Day 1

His flight hadn’t even left yet and already I felt like I was not going to make it through the week… not because of lonely misery, no moreso because of the fact that my lungs were trying to escape me via violent sneezing fit (and no, it is not in fact an allergy to "loneliness" as one might point out). I still had no idea what I was to do with a whole week to myself. So I had some garlic toast and pondered the idea some more. I still have no idea. 3 hours later, heading to IKEA, no idea. So far: going to watch Wipeout in place of my evening run (on account of Brent being my running partner and all). Maybe some more cookies will help me think?

All i needed was to put on a face mask eat a pint of ice cream at the end of the day. I went from lounging around and shopping for home furnishings, to going overboard at Lindt store to shopping at the mall. All the stereotypical mopey things one can do. Yet, I was not moping.

And i did end up doing what i would not normally do had Brent been here: i let my waist and my wallet go.

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When the cat’s away…

as of tomorrow i will be having a week to myself… boyfriend out of town on numerous trips of course. so what is a girl to do? i have zero ideas. and i have also just run out of face mask for those who would have suggested a "girl’s night" of sorts. i also have no movies to watch and its too nice outside. all i have thought of so far is: biking, swimming, shopping, trip to the Islands, trip to the Distillery District…. all stuff i would have been doing regardless. where is the fun in that?!
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so something big has happened, my photographs were up for consideration for purchase to decorate some new and for now unnamed offices. and when i found out they had chosen my work i was in shock. it took a while to sink in. and i started to get excited but then i realized i was getting ahead of myself. yes they have decided to buy my prints, but i haven’t negotiated a price with them. i am afraid i might scare them off, or show that i do not value myself or my work. i hate numbers.

also i have been given no further info, i have the motivation and the drive… and i cannot do anything about it right now! i can’t even scan and prep the negs because i don’t even know which prints! all i have been able to do is window shop for frames because i don’t even know what size they ideally want! gah.

all i have done is figured out what i am going to where in the event i have to go meet someone there. its a killer outfit.

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In the pits of despair

I was trying to find my page on facebook so my sister could be a fan of it only to find that there are about 9 other "P.S Photography"s out there! Even more are on Twitter. So not only did I lose that one-of-a-kind feeling when I entered into art school and was surrounded by people who could easily do what I had been doing all along, but now that there are people out there with the same name?! How on God’s green earth am I to stand out? I am going need more than just that stupid marketing book, I am going to need a miracle. Furthermore one of the websites blew mine right out of the water, it had music! Sappy lovey-dovey instrumental music to accompany the myriad of photos of happy married couples at their wedding. GAH. Thank GOD I am not in direct competition with these people, for it is mostly portraiture for hire types. Or amateurs. But still, all that differentiates me is the fact that I have a finger in every pie, so to speak. I don’t just do portraits, I do nature and pets and weirdo-abstract-artsy stuff. Why is the internet making my life so damn frustrating?!
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cheap title, i know. i went to the Beaches Jazz Festival this past weekend and it furthered my passionate love affair for freebies. and of course my overdoing it.

the other week i was downtown at the Eaton Centre when i saw a Dr Pepper tent across the street at Yonge Dundas Square, so i went through stalled traffic to get me some sweet sweet refreshment only to find out that they were not handing out the coupons as usual, oh no, they were in a bin where you could grab them yourself… of course i grabbed a whole handful and ran to meet the rest of PMCEL in Forever 21 to spread the good news, and with more hands i went back, we grabbed more coupons, after which everyone turned and handed them to me, seems they didn’t even want the coupons! i now have 15 free Dr Pepper coupons! that is 15 free 591ml bottles! a lot. and i keep going to the 7-Eleven across the street and i think they are starting to get pissy with me.

at the Beaches Jazz Festival i was alerted by a seemingly drunk man that there was something free on the other side under a white tent, i ignored him on account of his clear intoxication. my mom noticed that everyone was eating ice cream sandwiches so she gave me and my sisters money and told us to go get her one. we came back with 3. they were free. then they went back for more. in all i ate 2.5 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. they were so damn good! albeit i now have another mild aversion to ice cream, but still not as bad as last time.

free stuff is freakin’ awesome. and i wish i could call myself a freegan, alas i am not a true freegan. i don’t entirely live on free stuff.

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Little Trick:

how to cheat the Tim Horton’s system (i am slowly, incrementally making up for all those losses):

1.) no need to order their new "mocha iced cap" (which is said in the most irritating manner in the commercials), instead order an iced cap made with chocolate milk, sure it doesn’t have whipped cream on top, but it doesn’t need it, good enough on its own

2.) when ordering an iced coffee, order it with half the ice, more room in the cup means more coffee, unlike other places that will still pour the same amount leaving you looking like an idiot.

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