19 Jul
cheap title, i know. i went to the Beaches Jazz Festival this past weekend and it furthered my passionate love affair for freebies. and of course my overdoing it.

the other week i was downtown at the Eaton Centre when i saw a Dr Pepper tent across the street at Yonge Dundas Square, so i went through stalled traffic to get me some sweet sweet refreshment only to find out that they were not handing out the coupons as usual, oh no, they were in a bin where you could grab them yourself… of course i grabbed a whole handful and ran to meet the rest of PMCEL in Forever 21 to spread the good news, and with more hands i went back, we grabbed more coupons, after which everyone turned and handed them to me, seems they didn’t even want the coupons! i now have 15 free Dr Pepper coupons! that is 15 free 591ml bottles! a lot. and i keep going to the 7-Eleven across the street and i think they are starting to get pissy with me.

at the Beaches Jazz Festival i was alerted by a seemingly drunk man that there was something free on the other side under a white tent, i ignored him on account of his clear intoxication. my mom noticed that everyone was eating ice cream sandwiches so she gave me and my sisters money and told us to go get her one. we came back with 3. they were free. then they went back for more. in all i ate 2.5 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. they were so damn good! albeit i now have another mild aversion to ice cream, but still not as bad as last time.

free stuff is freakin’ awesome. and i wish i could call myself a freegan, alas i am not a true freegan. i don’t entirely live on free stuff.

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