In the pits of despair

21 Jul
I was trying to find my page on facebook so my sister could be a fan of it only to find that there are about 9 other "P.S Photography"s out there! Even more are on Twitter. So not only did I lose that one-of-a-kind feeling when I entered into art school and was surrounded by people who could easily do what I had been doing all along, but now that there are people out there with the same name?! How on God’s green earth am I to stand out? I am going need more than just that stupid marketing book, I am going to need a miracle. Furthermore one of the websites blew mine right out of the water, it had music! Sappy lovey-dovey instrumental music to accompany the myriad of photos of happy married couples at their wedding. GAH. Thank GOD I am not in direct competition with these people, for it is mostly portraiture for hire types. Or amateurs. But still, all that differentiates me is the fact that I have a finger in every pie, so to speak. I don’t just do portraits, I do nature and pets and weirdo-abstract-artsy stuff. Why is the internet making my life so damn frustrating?!
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