25 Jul
so something big has happened, my photographs were up for consideration for purchase to decorate some new and for now unnamed offices. and when i found out they had chosen my work i was in shock. it took a while to sink in. and i started to get excited but then i realized i was getting ahead of myself. yes they have decided to buy my prints, but i haven’t negotiated a price with them. i am afraid i might scare them off, or show that i do not value myself or my work. i hate numbers.

also i have been given no further info, i have the motivation and the drive… and i cannot do anything about it right now! i can’t even scan and prep the negs because i don’t even know which prints! all i have been able to do is window shop for frames because i don’t even know what size they ideally want! gah.

all i have done is figured out what i am going to where in the event i have to go meet someone there. its a killer outfit.

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