An open letter:

28 Jul
Dear MSN.

F–K you. Yep. First you took away my stats counter for my MSN space. Now you have integrated Messenger INTO Hotmail?! WTF? Now every time I want to go to my inbox I get flooded with all the conversation windows I already have open! Add onto that the fact that my display picture disappears, and my display name changes. Why must you irritate and frustrate me so?! What was so wrong with the way things were?! What about people who long ago abandoned their MSN chats? And now when they check their email? I can only imagine their headache.

Secondly why not work on not allowing stupid spammers messaging me about free groceries?!

DAMN YOU. Fix it!

Am I actually going to have to log out of Messenger JUST so I can check my email? Or have it forward everything to a new address? PAIN IN MY ASS.

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