Cape Cod Road Trip- Day 4

03 Sep

Mon. Aug. 23, 2010:

again I awoke to the sound of rain hitting the window. The breakfast at this
hotel was the best yet: mini-cinnamon buns, mini-chocolate chip muffins and
some really good coffee. Initially this was supposed to be a beach day. We were
going to head up to Provincetown (at the very tip of Cape Cod) and have an
awesome beach day. Alas, we couldn’t even go there just to look because there
was a high wind advisory and we didn’t want the car to flip. So we just went to
see Marconi’s telegraph station from where he sent the first trans-Atlantic
signal. We went to look at Marconi beach but it was way too windy and cold.
There were some nice views of the sand dunes though. Just before leaving we
noticed the White Cedar Swamp Trail and decided to go on it because the rain
had stopped and we were trying to salvage what we could of the day. Alas,
towards the end the rain picked up, but thankfully the trees kept out most of
the rain. Marconi Beach was also the narrowest point of Cape Cod, I learned
this from a helpful map near the telegraph station.

With nothing else to do in
Eastham, we headed out to the next stop on the road trip: Hyannis, MA. Thanks to
the bag of Cape Cod chips we had been eating the night before I found out that there
was a mall in Hyannis and where there is a mall there is almost always a movie
theatre. So we decided that we would go see a movie once we got there because
it was too early to check-in to the hotel. The mall parking lot was full so we
parked in a hotel parking lot that was right beside the mall, only to find out
that that was the hotel we were staying at! My eyes lit up like a child’s on
Christmas morning. There was also an Ihop across the street (my evening snack
plans). We also happened to get to Hyannis before noon, as in before the movie
theatre even opened! What else could I do but go shopping to kill some time? There
was a giant line up at the movie theatre so Brent stood in line while I shopped.
In the mall I learned the greatest thing about Massachusetts: they don’t charge
tax on clothing! Thankfully the sales weren’t that great, else I would’ve blown
all my money. We went to see Scott Pilgrim
Vs. The World
and it was nice to see home (the movie is set in Toronto) and
it was funny when people laughed at or were confused by Canadian references. Walking
back to the hotel after the movie to check-in, we got rained on real bad. As I entered
the lobby I was shivering and soaked and the nice guy at the desk told me that
there was complimentary hot chocolate and coffee and tea. My eyes lit up when I
saw that it was Swiss Miss hot chocolate! Only the best!

At this point we were really really hungry
because we skipped lunch. Why did we skip lunch? Because our dinner plans were:
The Brazilian Grill House, which is a buffet! So we just had snacks in the day.
The Grill House is located on Main Street: only problem is that the GPS listed
3 Main Streets! The first one was wrong, so we went with the second one, to
which the GPS dragged us through small tiny dirt (barely) roads. And it was
also the wrong one. At this point about an hour had passed and we were getting
really frustrated. New plan: use the GPSs search a point of interest function. And
success! It only took us 1.5 hours. This was no ordinary buffet. The food
(sorry, meat) was brought to your table! The waiter said they had 16 different
meats that day. We ate steak, filet mignon, chicken legs, lamb, pork, steak
infused with cheese and chicken hearts. Chicken hearts are gross and rubbery and
taste like liver. For dessert they roll up a dessert cart to your table and you
get to choose, we had flan. It was a delicious custard-pudding-sweet dessert. Getting
back to the hotel took us AN ENTIRE 5 MINUTES! Stupid Main St., we blame you! Thinking
that we might go through with the next day’s plans, a trip to the island
Nantucket, we wandered the mall in search of warmer clothes and an umbrella. I stayed
for longer but didn’t find anything in the end. I bought a green tea and then
accidentally dropped it on my foot right after. Boiling hot steeped tea… on my
foot. I ended up with second degree burns on my second toe that only later
blistered, even though I ran it under cold water and even iced it! A week later
it is still gross-looking. My whole second toe is going to have a scar on top
of it. Ah memories. To cheer myself up I thought I would go to Ihop for
chocolate chip pancakes, but first I went to get Brent to see if he wanted any.
We looked up the hours only to find out it was closed! What kind of a pancake
house closes at 9pm?! Instead we watched The Best Thing I Ever Ate and mused on
the best things we’d ever eaten. And the perfect way to end the night: watching
Dating in the Dark (Billy from last season’s True Beauty was on it!) and it was
hilarious as always.

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