Cape Cod Road Trip- Day 5

04 Sep

Tues. Aug. 24, 2010:

            We woke
up really early to go catch the ferry to Nantucket; I think we woke up at like
7am or so? No wait, 6:30am, it was an 8:30am ferry and we had to be there 45
minutes before and that all just adds up. Breakfast was not too shabby,
mini-lemon-poppy seed muffins and also pancakes! We were about to leave when we
realized we left the umbrella in the hotel room so I had to run back (and
managed to jump into a giant puddle) and get it. We got to the Steamship Authority
only to find out that our ferry had been cancelled, it never even left the island
to come to Hyannis because there was an ocean advisory of sorts that amounted to
giant ship-tossing waves that were too dangerous. So there we were, 7:30am and
not sure what to do, bleary-eyed and tired we decided to go Ihop which was
thankfully open that early. We split an order of chocolate batter chocolate
chip pancakes, I had another cup of coffee after having just chugged my earlier
one in the parking lot before going in. because we said we were splitting they
brought out the pancakes on two plates, each with whipped cream and chocolate
chips on top. It was heavenly! So good! They were delicious and light and
fluffy and chocolatey and the whipped cream made them all the more better. And they
weren’t heavy either, just perfect! We were told to call the place at around
10am to check the status of the next ferry at 10:30 am, so we only had 2.5
hours of time to kill. Only.

            So we
went to the parking lot and just outside of it there is a smaller temporary
lot, so we just sat there in the car. I climbed in back, moved stuff around
made a make shift bed for myself and tried to catch some shut eye, which barely
worked. As soon as I turned over the coffee kicked in and I was awake but still
feeling tired. It was awful. Then it got worse, I had to pee. So we drove to a
nearby gas station because apparently at the Steamship Authority they don’t
have bathrooms, or so Brent told me, I later found out that they do in fact, which
would’ve been nice, given that the gas station bathroom had just been wiped
down with bleach.  When I went in my eyes
started to burn and water and my throat was all itchy and there were still
puddles of bleach on the floor, not good given I was in flip flops! When I got
back outside I could still smell/feel the bleach, and I myself had soaked up
the smell as had my flip flops. It took me a while to get over it. It wasn’t
even 10am yet, but we called anxiously anyways and of course they still had no
idea on the status. At this point I noticed that a blister had formed on my
toe, which would explain why I was in such sleep-depriving agony all night. We went
back to the SA and talked to lady who forewarned that even if the ferry left,
it might not be able to make it back and that the waves were supposed to get
worse throughout the day. So we walked along Main Street (yes that same one
that had eluded us the day before) and pondered what to do next. Risk getting
stuck? We decided not to go because the weather sucked and we did not want to
get stuck there overnight. We went back to get a refund and found out that
ferry that would’ve been taking us had not even arrived yet! And it was
supposed to depart 10 minutes later! As we left the parking lot the nice
attendant lady (from Florida) told us that President Obama was staying at
Martha’s Vineyard at the time.

            With another
open ended day, we decided to go see another movie. Except it was only 11am so
we wandered the mall waiting for the theatre to open, which we thought would be
at noon but apparently wasn’t until later so we bailed and headed on to our
next destination: Falmouth, MA. We stopped for lunch at Mary Ellen’s Portuguese
Bakery (the same Mary Ellen from America’s Got Talent? Not sure, did not see
her there.) I had an awesome sandwich done right: just marinated pork steak on
a bun, no veggies or fanciness, just meat and bread. The pickle and chips on
the side were a nice touch. We got to the (really nice) hotel only to find out that
check-in wasn’t for another 1.5 hours! Again! 
So we drove down to the marina to see some rain-covered boats for lack
of anything else to do. There was a guy fishing off the dock and I swear it
looked like he had caught a squid but as we walked by again it may have just
been seaweed. We walked along the beach and looked at dead horseshoe crabs and I
found some nice seashells. With more time to kill we headed out on a snack run:
Double Stuff Oreo Cakesters and a giant bag of Swedish Fish and one of Sour Patch
Kids and Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream and of course Sierra Mist. The hotel
we were staying in was the nicest one of the trip. But it also did not have a
fridge so we had to eat the whole pint of ice cream in one sitting; thankfully
the Simpsons Movie was on. For dinner we stopped at Seafood Sam’s so I could
get some lobster bisque and then headed to McDonald’s because Brent had been
craving it and thus made me crave it. The GPS said it was about 5km away which didn’t
seem right, so first we went to the nearby Wal-Mart (a guaranteed McDonald’s
right?) only to find out that they had a Subway not a McDonald’s! I stuck with
my gut instinct that we had passed one on that main road, so we drove on it for
like 2 minutes and there were the golden arches, the GPS got it wrong again! This
was a good day TV-wise, there was Wipeout followed by America’s Got Talent. Perfect
for pigging out on McNuggets and delicious lobster bisque, which was sweet and
salty and meaty and buttery and all around awesome.

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