Cape Cod Road Trip- Day 6

04 Sep

Wed. Aug. 25, 2010:

            Again it
was raining, surprise surprise. Thankfully this was to be the last day of rain.
We decided to post-pone Martha’s Vineyard until the next day when the weather
would actually be nice because we did not have much planned for that day anyways,
we could squeeze it in. For breakfast we went to William Shatner’s favourite
bagel place: Cape Cod Bagel Café. And I can see why he likes the place so much,
pizza bagels are awesome. Afterwards we went to Wal-Mart to buy some fruit to
snack on in a sad attempt to counter-act all the bad food we had been eating. I
also stocked up on Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and am now regretting not having
gotten more because I am seriously hooked on it and we don’t have it here in
Canada. As we were heading to the cash, we overheard a guy talking to his
(assumed girlfriend): “the reason [his
emphasis] I have so many more girl-friends than guy-friends…” and he trailed
off and we don’t know how badly it ended. At the checkout my eyes also chanced upon
a Thingamagig, a chocolate bar that the cashier told me was really good. And was
it ever: it had peanut butter and rice krispies all wrapped up in chocolate.

            The weather
cleared up in the afternoon so we drove down to Nobska Beach and Lighthouse
which was very pretty. I rolled up my pant legs and walked around in the water,
it was surprisingly warm and apparently that is one of the warmest parts of the
Atlantic Ocean in that area. From the beach you could see Martha’s Vineyard and
the ferries going back and forth. Also while we were driving to and from the
beach we encountered mild flooding on the roads, that’s what happens after four
straight days of rain. The sun had peeked out for a bit but it was still cold
and a little bit rainy, so we just hung around the hotel playing in the arcade.
Earlier when we went to check out the gym we passed by and I noticed that the
claw machine was rather empty, emptier than it had been when we checked out the
pool.  I was suspicious, this of course
meant it was easy to win so I grabbed some quarters and played. At first the
machine rejected my quarter… and gave me an extra one. So I tried the other
slot, played and lost… only to get another quarter back! So I played again and
won a TY seal (remember those from the 90s?) technically for free because I had
gotten two quarters out of the machine.

            For dinner
we went into “town” and ate at La Cucina Sol Mar (which was actually fancier
than I had expected, it said casual dress!) a fancy Italian place. At first the
waitress just kind of looked at us funny, almost like we were out of place. I finally
got to try swordfish, it was delicious and light and very savoury and not heavy
at all, I ate the entire thing and still had room for dessert: the world’s
greatest tiramisu. It had less cakey stuff and more filling, and it was served
with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate drizzle on top. Best dessert
ever. We walked around “downtown” Main Street and I was drawn into a cupcake
place by its name: CupCapes of Falmouth, where my sweet tooth took over and I ended
up getting a chocolate cupcake with cookies and crème icing on top: it had
crushed Oreos in it!! When we got back I brewed a nice cup of pomegranate
cranberry green tea that I had bought earlier in the day and settled in to
watch America’s Got Talent results show while on Twitter (best combination).

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