Cape Cod Road Trip- Day 7

05 Sep

**not my photograph, but so hard to describe the Boston Cream Pie from Legal Seafood

Thurs. Aug. 26, 2010:

            We woke
up early for the first time in days not to the sound of rain, but to wonderful
glorious sunshine!  We drove about 20
minutes to the other Steamship Authority to catch a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard (no,
we were not stalking Obama) only to be told to back track to a parking lot… that
was 5 minutes away from our hotel! From there we had to take a shuttle bus on
which everyone was worried because we were all trying to catch the same ferry
and it didn’t seem we would make it on time. As soon as we got there we ran to
two separate lines to get tickets, and I mean ran, we sprinted ahead and around
everyone on the bus. We barely caught the ferry; thankfully it was not running
on a strict schedule. The ride itself was about half an hour and not that interesting;
save for the occasional seagull that swooped down in The Birds style and almost
hit people. The first thing we did when we got there was grab a free map, given
we had a completely different plan initially for our day on the island
involving bikes and cliffs. We instead went on a self-guided walking tour of
the “town” of Oak Bluffs and saw the gingerbread cottages, the best by far was
a strawberry pink one decorated with hearts.

            We walked
along the coast road to get to a lighthouse conveniently located on Telegraph
Hill (we had been to a Telegraph Hill in San Francisco the year before). On our
way back towards town, we stopped at the beach for our well deserved beach day
(only 4 days later!) at high noon of all times. We went swimming for a while. At
first it was really cold and I took forever to get in the water, but once I was
in it was nice and refreshing. Having cooled down I headed back to land to work
on my tan. My relaxation was routinely interrupted by a loud mouth on her cell
talking about some wedding in Arkansas and a newly available divorced guy. Fun.
There was also a mom who buried her kid in the sand, up to his neck, it was
awesome. For lunch we went to Nancy’s, a place we had heard about the night
before while channel surfing… because Obama had eaten there the day before,
again not stalking. I can see why he ate there, this place was awesome. They had
the best drink in the entire world: a something Daly, basically lemonade with
sweet tea vodka in it. We still had some time to kill  before the ferry left so we wandered around “town”
some more and looked at more houses as well as making fun of the tourist-y
shlock, t-shirts that said stuff like: I vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard with
Obama 2010. How cheesey. The ferry ride back was awful boring, my dehydration and
tiredness did not help matters. I kept falling asleep and my head would snap
forward and wake me up. There was also some really grumpy mothers and annoying
children all around us.

            As soon
as we got off the ferry we ran for the shuttle and got seats right at the front
so we could get off first. And what a good plan that was, as soon as the bus
arrived in the parking lot we hopped off and ran like mad to the car (people
stared), but we got out of the parking lot before anyone else, most people were
actually still lumbering off the bus! Up next was Legal Seafood, so it is
understandable why we ran so fast. We went through the last roundabout of the
trip as we left Cape Cod, but we actually missed the exit and had to go all the
way around it. On the way we passed a sign for the Lizzie Borden Museum, which I
now found out is also a bed & breakfast, so you can spend the night where
the murders happened.  When we got back
to Rhode Island, we or I, I forget, waved our hands in the air and cheered. Not
quite sure why, probably because we were that much closer to Legal Seafood. I learned
two lessons on this stretch of road trip: 1.) leaving Sour Patch Kids in a hot
car all day makes them ever more delicious and soft 2.) the Sour Patch Kids in
the bottom of the bag are brutally sour and almost inedible. When we got to the
restaurant there was still the small matter of I was wearing my bikini top, so I
climbed into the back of the car, not the trunk, but at the very back, and
changed under my shirt, it was awful, I hit my arm and then was stuck  in there because the hatchback of the Jeep
doesn’t open from the inside so I had to pound on the door.

            At Legal
Seafood we had a feast of sorts, we ordered a bunch of appetizers and split
them all. We were seated at a 4 person table and eventually spread out over all
that space because we had: crab cakes, Rhode Island style calamari (made with
banana peppers) with accompanying sauce, New England clam chowder and small
plates for grabbing stuff. It was a delicious mess of sorts. As was dessert: a
boston cream pie: a small layer of barely-there graham crust, then a giant pile
of cream, with a solid layer of milk chocolate on top and then chocolate sauce
drizzled on top. It was heavenly. This was also the point when I could not eat
any more seafood, after this it was just too much, I couldn’t even finish my
half of the calamari. I can see why Legal Seafood was named one of 1000 things
to see in the world in that book they had at Chapters.

            As we
drove to Saybrook, Connecticut (where we were staying) a cop tailed and pulled
over a speeder in front of us, which freaked us out at first because it seemed
as if he were coming after us. I also found out in this portion of driving that
seafood burps are gnarly, so gross. The sun was setting so I grabbed for my
camera, but as I came back up, the sun was gone and it was dark… it was only
8pm, it really hit home that summer was ending. We passed by Lyme, CT which
made me wonder if after Lyme disease was discovered was it bad for tourism? There
was a sign on the highway warning of a prison area followed by exits to a beach
and a park. The first thing I saw when I turned on the TV was a Spanish show
featuring a lady dancing with some dogs. What is with all the weird Spanish TV
in the States?! Thankfully there was a Futurama marathon on followed by The
Daily Show in which Jon Stewart spent the first 10 minutes just ripping into
Glenn Beck (that weird pundit we saw on TV earlier in the week that we could
not figured out if it was joke and what he was talking about) and his proposed
rally that Stewart called Beck-a-palooza among other things. It was hilarious.

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