Cape Cod Road Trip- Day 10

07 Sep

Sun. Aug. 29, 2010:

            This time
around there was no 5am wake-up call, it was a much more reasonable 7am. Sadly this
was our last day and we were heading home. This was my last Dunkin’ Donuts run,
so I had my delicious (and apparently really bad for you) coffee cake muffin
and I bought a strawberry donut to share at home. We got back on good ol’ I-90
for the last time (I think we pretty much drove the entire thing) and I managed
to stay awake the whole time for once. And yet again the Erie Canal Way signs kept
popping up, over and over again. The night before I had found Sierra Mist
Natural and was now enjoying it in the car, after I had finished my coffee of
course. It was pretty good, better than Throwback Pepsi and Throwback Mountain
Dew. There was barely even a line-up at the border, we got across in less than
5 minutes, yet on the other side coming back into the States was a huge line-up
that went on forever, continuing the theme of the trip of reverse traffic jams.
A nice way to end the road trip.

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