Cape Cod Road Trip- Day 9

07 Sep

Sat. Aug. 28, 2010:

here was also really good, they had Fruit Loops and mini-lemon poppy seed
muffins, but alas the coffee was the worst I’d had on the trip. The GPS had to
charge so I plunked down with my breakfast and watched an entire movie on HBO,
it was an awful movie I still do not know why I watched it to the end. It was
fun making fun of it and predicting stuff. On the way to Saratoga Springs, NY we
passed through Massachusetts (another 3 state day) and we passed through Roosterville.
There was a sign for a picnic area that showed the tree leaning towards a
picnic bench… as though he were stealing a sandwich! As if that was not weird
enough, in Ofis, MA they are chicken mad! 
All the store fronts had pictures of chickens and one restaurant was
offering a “chicken retirement plans” (BBQed, braised, rotiserrie etc…). After
that, as if we had not encountered enough weird: Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.
I really thought I had not read the sign correctly, but then I saw more, it’s
an actual thing!

            We just
happened to be in Saratoga Springs on the biggest day of the year for them: The
Travers Stakes Cup, a horse race. We parked at the track because there was free
parking. We were going to go watch the races but you had to pay $8 to get in
and I didn’t feel like it, but then Brent convinced me to go, and admission
turned out to be $5. How could we not? It was the biggest day of the year and
we just happened to be there. Impulsively and at the last minute we decided to
bet on a race, we were going to wait until the 6th but that was too
long away, so went and bet on the one that was just about to happen, the 4th
race. I just followed my gut instinct and bet on the same horse as Brent did,
horse 5 to win. As I later found out, the only reason for this was because of
the song “Chips Ahoy” by The Hold Steady in which some girl bets on the 5th
horse in the 6th race. The odds for our horse we were 1:10 but by
the time the horses were at the starting line it had gone up to 1:12. Our horse
was not a favourite, and for most of the race he was lagging behind. The horse
with 1:50 odds was in the lead for a bit, causing a surge of excitement beside
us (I think the guy was hugging the girl and yelling at the horses?), that is
until horse 5 decided to pick up speed. He came from the back, almost out of
nowhere, and this was towards the end of the race. At this point the excitement
shifted from everyone around us to just Brent (we were the only people in the
vicinity who had bet on horse 5) who was jumping up and down and screaming
something about running or number 5? I forget, I was very confused. I remained
confused up until I went up the betting window and got my $5 back as well as
another $61. I was kicking myself for not having planned to go to the Coach
outlet on the way home, rather than at the beginning of the trip. Watching the
replay, our horse won by an entire horse’s length! Whereas second and third
place was a photo finish and the judges had to verify it. The next race was not
for another half hour so we walked around the place, enjoying our betters high.
We found out from overheard conversation that our horse’s name was Monister.

            For lunch
we went to some Mexican place where I decided to go for the pizza instead of
chimmichongas. We went to the park to check a map to see the locations of
springs, and conveniently enough there just happened to be four springs in that
very park. Here is how it broke down: 1.) tasty refreshing regular spring
water, 2.) slightly metal/bread taste (in the bottle it was found to have stuff
floating in it) 3.) infused with sulfur, tasted like rotten eggs and bad cheese
4.) smelled even worse of sulfur, refused to try it, but apparently it was also
(naturally) carbonated, making it that much worse. While we were at spring 2
some girls came over and warned us about number 4, but we couldn’t find it so
we assumed that they had meant number 3. They were right about the stench. As we
were making our way back to the car I thought I would give water 4 a try, but even
just opening the bottle and getting a whiff, made me change my mind. We had
gotten some in a bottle so as to take home and trick people into trying it for
giggles. When we got back to the track it was the 8th race but the
odds were pretty even across the board so we decided not to bet (when we looked
it up later, the horse we would’ve bet on had lost anyway). I would also like
to point out that it was boiling hot, and getting into a car that had sat in a
hot parking lot all day, did not help matters. To finish off we went to
Saratoga Spa Springs State Park (quite the mouthful) to see a few more springs
and apparently two geysers. Both geysers turned out to be sulfuric as was one
of the springs. I knew this in advance because I figured out that the rock
around the sulfur springs turns a rusty red. As per the fresh water spring, I bottled
it and took it home, it was delicious. I did have fun watching Brent try all
the sulfuric waters, make a face and then spit it out only to go back for more!

            From there
we went to Utica, NY because all the hotels in Saratoga were booked, and now we
knew why. We had misremembered a quote from the Simpsons about Principal Skinner
saying that Utica is known for its steamed hams. So for dinner we had fastfood
burgers. I had Wendy’s because I was also craving their boneless wings. The TV
was not as good, ended up watching Married With Children and Jersey Shore.

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