Oh Happiest of Days

21 Oct

Ignoring the mild ghost-attack I just experienced via both my computers simultaneously (on one the audio died down and on the other my screen input cut out… both at the same time… coincidence? hardly, it was a ghost!)

Now then, back to my original post (for lack of a webcam, you cannot see that I got out of my chair and sat on the floor cross-legged to be at eye level of my scnreen at my new comp, yes I am totally geeking out working on two computers simultaneously, and yes this new widescreen format rules over all):

My guardian angel in the States (one of two) sent me the greatest gift attainable on this here fine planet we call Earth. Yep my shipment of Swiss Miss (world’s greatest hot chocolate, distributed by ConGra, whom we HAVE up here! They give us Hunt’s Snack Pack puddings, but no Miss!) came in and perfectly timed given that on Saturday I am heading to Niagara Falls and I inevitably would have begged and pled (to no avail, for knowing me I would totally forget my passport at home) for a quick run across the border to stock up on supplies (Cherry Coke, but  I remember once mixing Coke and amaretto and it tasting rather similiar, but for the sake of my liver… i need real Cherry Coke). No need. I am well stocked. So many packets! I love it so much I joked in my thank you message that I would refrain from snorting it. So instead, I sit here, legs going numb, wrists in killer pain (this is not a desk, it is a crappy coffee table) about to get up and go sip it, it is cooling. Yeah, like my first sip of Swiss Miss I am going to sear my throat. Hah. P.S.: in searching for this image I found out that there is a type of marijuana plant called Swiss Miss. Irony?

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