The Secret’s Out:

28 Oct

Yep today is the day, Victoria’s Secret has opened in the Eaton Centre. Naturally I went there, in hopes of seeing what I saw at the BCBG outlet (hoardes of women digging through merchandise, pushing and shoving and swearing) also out of sheer curiosity to see if it would stand up to its American counterpart. There was a line-up to get in, more security guards than necessary and even two cops stationed across the way. While in line they were handing out bags with a free gift inside, and someone must have alerted the hobo community because there were quite a few scraggly men in line who grabbed for a bag and then just left, save for one who stayed in line the whole 20 minutes and then later wandered the store in a dazed and confused fashion (it was sad/creepy). Had the word gotten out WHAT the gift was, this would not have happened. The free gift? *Draws a deep breath*: pink leopard-print lacey one-size-fits-all THONG. Yep. That is what I got for standing in line behind a smelly lady and in front of a lady who kept smacking my backpack, despite the dirty looks I gave her.

What happened once inside the store? Sheer and utter disappointment. No opening day sales, no clearance (yeah, that one is a given, I know), and worst of all: no PINK! What the hell?! The other PINK locations in the city (Yorkdale and in Mississauga, Square One) have been open since the summer! Summer! This is a ridiculous disappointment almost warranting a boycott. Almost. They do have good clearance sales (at least in the U.S., not sure if it transfers over here, it did for PINK so why not?). Do I regret going? Nope. Because now I know there is no PINK and I will stick with Aerie until a good sale crops up. I am still holding out for a PINK though, where else can I get a shirt that says PINK PINK PINK and then iron on an  A on that last PINK?

Here is a pic of the lack of true madness:

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