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Fashion Crisis?

Bored and with nothing else to do, I took to e-window shopping. Somehow from all that I came across this –> wonderful “stylish” doozy of a purse. Where? Where on God’s green earth did I find something so utterly horrendous it can barely be called a purse? Why on the Coach website of all places, and no not the clearance outlet one. Nope, the boutique, selling this gem of a purse, and what a price for it! You would think it was made of real exotic bird feathers or from one Grimace See the resemblance?!


Don’t believe me? Here you go: click here

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I seem to be trapped in a nightmare today. I came across a link to a story to Canada’s own version of Jersey Shore, aptly called Lake Shore (set in Toronto). I really thought this was a joke, a hoax perpetrated by a show such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes or maybe Ricker Mercer Report? After delving in deeper I realized to my horror: it’s for real. What a sad sad bit of news. So now I am ashamed of: 1.) being Polish (the Polish girl on the show looks like a mutant version of Angelina Jolie gone bad, real bad, what is with the lips?!) 2.) being Torontonian and 3.) being Canadian for that matter.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself: click here.


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Here are some more reasons why I (seem???) to enjoy the grass on the other side of the border. For one I just found out that the CVS pharmacy actually delivers, you can literally order (American!!!) candy from your computer and have it shipped to your (American) house!!! HOW DO WE NOT HAVE THAT HERE?! WHY DON’T THEY SHIP HERE?!

Seconly a certain item I am trying to purchase for this holiday season is half the price on the American Amazon, but will they ship here? Noooo! And do any regular stores here carry the product? Nope. The shipping on those ones is also cheaper. And even with the price conversion: still cheaper.

Free healthcare and Timmies is good and all, but if I live close enough to the border…

In a semi-unrelated note: Candles and Candy appear almost identical on their site

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