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As of lately I have been feeling like Cinderella, only not with my foot in a glass slipper, but moreso my ass in a pair of jeans. And rather than it being a perfect fit, I am searching for that. Nowhere seems to sell that perfect pair of jeans for me. I am either in between sizes, the designers are idiots or they are just too damn expensive.

I have a few solutions: paint on pants, a custom tailor OR resorting to wear black sweatpants a la TNA. That last one seemed ideal while my waist whittles away… except for the fact that even finding a pair of black athletic pants (in a decent price range mind you) has become rather difficult. I found a pair at Forever 21 that had a coloured band on the top (another problem with wearing such pants was that it would seem like I am only ever wearing that one pair, hence my happiness with the colour band). Alas when I tried them on…. stupid designers. These pants were made for someone who is 7 feet tall. They win the record for longest (and thus most ridiculous) pants ever.

What am I to do? My last resort failed out on me miserably. Am I doomed to duke it out with gravity, trying to keep my pants up???

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