Goshdarnit all!

23 Feb

Just when I thought I had kicked my Tim Hortons habit for good (the loose waistband on my bands can attest to that!) they come along with a caramel mocha! It’s bad enough that I am hooked on the caramel macchiato from Starbucks (it has milk therefore calcium goes the usual justification)  and now they bring this along?! Come on! It’s so not fair! For once I had loose change kicking around my wallet and now it is all but gone.

Speaking of pants. Since forever now it feels like, I have been hunting for that perfect pair of jeans (Cinderella, only not with my foot in a glass slipper, but my ass in a pair of jeans) which seemed almost impossible. For the most part: they were fine from about the thigh down but in the waist too loose. But if I got them to fit in the waist, they were too tight around the knees, if I got a wider leg fit they flared out too much at the bottom. Add in those few pairs that just sat too low in the waist and I had a hell of a headache. Eventually, after much struggle I should add, I found a few pairs (over a few months mind you) that fit. The catch? They were rather cheap. And now I cannot fathom paying more than $15 for jeans. Nope, not a typo. That does in fact say fifteen. This is due to Forever 21‘s spoiling me with their dirt cheap jeans. But I fear that river might run dry, for they only seem to go down to size 24. And a 25 is rather close to being lose on me.

The solution seems to be: maintain a steady dose of caramel mochas? Odd.

THIS JUST IN: they have a new donut, Raspberry Lemon (one of the greatest combos ever!) and having added more winning pieces to Rrrroll Up. I am screwed.

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