Private Eye

09 Mar

If you know me, you know my love affair with Cherry Coke. You also know of the subsequent heart break I suffered when they took my beloved away. Also my near-obsession with drinking it while I am in the States/having people visiting from the States bring me some. Alas, something great has happened.

As I was walking along Lakeshore I happened to notice a crushed Cherry Coke can in a parking lot. Immediately I started scanning the area, looking for a perp so to speak. I decided it must be Jac’s Milk, because I was just at 7Eleven the other day (woot! Throwback Pepsi is legally here!). Once I went in, what did my eyes behold? My wonderful lovely sugarry sweet beloved Cherry Coke (it was taken away because Canadians found it “too sweet”… which looking at the label of a small bottle, OMG 70g of sugar?!). I only wish they would bring me some Cherry Coke Zero instead? You could tell by the label it was brought up from the States.

In other news: I still have not won Rrroll Up. Dammit it all.

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