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An Open Letter to Nikon

For a long time I have been loyal to your brand, my first camera was a Nikon F55D with a Nikkor 28-80mm lens. But that confidence is now being shaken. When it came time to buy a digital, without question, I straight away knew I wanted a Nikon model, having had no problems and great results with my Nikon SLR . Of course this was just a starting camera, I just purchased a small point & shoot, so it was expected to crap out on me within 2-3 years. And that it did. It still managed to capture photographs, even though it took a good 5 minutes to start up and the shutter did not close all the way. But that is all well & good for a point&shoot, that seems to be the standard all around (given that people want to buy a new camera in 2-3 years time anyways). With that in mind I eventually upgraded to a Nikon D80. It cost me a pretty penny, but I figured it was a worthwhile investment given that I am a photographer, and it being a DSLR I figured it was an investment for years to come! The first 1.5 years were fine, smooth sailing. But then last year the trouble started. First I had a stuck pixel. Luckily my camera was still covered under warranty so that got repaired without lightening my wallet. Yet now, less than a year later, having only had the camera for about 2.5 years… I go to turn it on one day and I get an ERR message. So I take out each part (battery, SD card, lens) one by one yet to no avail. I try the two green reset buttons, nothing. I press the button at the bottom of the camera to reset it to factory settings. NOTHING. It won’t even let me format my SD card. So I take it in to Nikon for repairs and what does the guy tell me? That he has to put a $300 hold on my credit card. So I ask if an estimate can be done and then they call and tell me the price… and then I can decide if its worth it. But he tells me that the estimate will take 3 weeks, and another 3 weeks for repair! Having just started a photography business, this is an inconvenience I simply cannot afford. So he tells me that there is an “economical repair” that I can pay for, a whopping grand total of $300 and from what I understand if the cost of fixing it goes above that then I get refunded the difference. I have no idea what he meant. I was too tired to ask. So basically my $800 camera, that I have had for less than 3 years is now costing me $300 in repairs. Thanks a lot Nikon. YOU SUCK.

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