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*loud noises*

As I was running back home today, I heard some really loud crashing noises and it alarmed me. It was that same SNC Lavalin construction site. It was so cool! The crane would smack down the roof and a whole piece of the building would come *CRASH*ing down. And they were spraying it down with a hose to keep dust at a minimum.


In other news: wow, do TV producers ever know how to milk an entertaining storyline. Bentley (the ass, who talked smack) was brought back on The Bachelorette, causing such a stir and quite the drama drama drama. I love summer TV, now if they would just bring back True Beauty and Dating In The Dark. But America’s Got Talent is on fire this year!!! I just demand more. Only 2 hours a week over 2 days?! Come on! Last year it was 4 hours over two days!!


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It has occurred to me recently that I have been witness to quite a few building demolitions. The old creepy Coffee Time by Park Lawn, the Russian restaurant and bar and travel agency (three separate places within one structure) at Mimico and now the SNC Lavalin building at Park Lawn and Lakeshore. I have seen 3 seperate building demolitions. No wait, 4. I also saw them tearing down the old CAMH building (it looked so insanely creepy, exposed rooms, hanging wires, still some window frames). Four demolitions. Did a single one of them involve dynamite like in the movies?! NO. So not fair. I wanna see a giant implosion. I really do not want to have to resort to sticking fireworks in a watermelon (that has been done to death anyways no?).

I would have better photos of the SNC Lavalin one, but I was running and only had my cellphone with me. This has inadvertently prompted me to crave purchasing a point & shoot digital camera. Given mine (finally!) broke last year. I had the damn thing for what 6 years? It was so close to dying maybe 3 years ago? The shutter wouldn’t close properly and the lens never fully retracted. It was bad. And it ate batteries like Cookie Monster eats cookies.

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I know people grumbled when Ford was elected mayor that public transit was going to be hit with cutbacks. But this is ridiculous.

I was at the streetcar stop waiting for the streetcar and a bus passed, so I texted the info number to see when the streetcar was arriving, it said 7 minutes, so I decided to wait (no point taking the bus). Then I got impatient, texted again, 4 minutes. Then another bus came. I texted again, 2 minutes. 2 minutes pass, nothing, 3 minutes pass, nothing. The bus was still waiting there. I texted info again…. it said 22 minutes! The streetcar was too far along the route to have short-turned at Kipling… IT DISAPPEARED FROM THE TRACKS. That is the only reasonable explanation. I got on the bus (which was STILL waiting at Mimico) and sat there, anxiously looking out the window. We sat there for at least 5 more minutes before (FINALLY!) leaving… and still no sign of the streetcar! I kid you not!

True story.


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Dearly Beloved

I am on a modified strike. What does this entail? The bare minimum. I will only do what is absolutely necessary. Outside of that, nothing. Every time I undertake anything it bombs disastrously. Take today for instance. Decided to have a much needed day off from school. Was going to lay outside on the rocks and bask in the warm sun. Only it is hazy outside. So not sunny. I was going to go eat dinner, but my stupid printer has decided that it will not print multiple copies. Nope, rather than nourishing myself, I am now stuck sitting here, printing individually. It is irritating to say the least. Albeit I am used to it by now, for long school hours and plenty of work has kept me from eating much lately. Hence the lethargy.

Tried to take a nice relaxing bubble bath yesterday… and I kept falling asleep (new theory: I am going to die drowning in a bathtub because of my bubble-naps). I am a racoon-eyed yawning, hungry, pale, overworked, stressed out sad-sack who keeps snapping at people. It did not help matters when in morning rushhour my travel mug full of my precious green tea decided to start leaking all over me. Thankfully I found a nice replacement the very next day at Yorkdale, why I am sipping from it… riiiight… noooow. What I did not find however was the cupcake undies I had found on the PINK (by Victoria’s Secret) website. Nor did I find any romper pyjamas. For a decent price. Victoria’s Secret did have a pair… for $20! Yeesh.

Therefore: I am on strike, not from work (P.S.  Photo remains unaffected). I am on strike from everything else.


All I wanted were some cupcakes on my ass 😦

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Looking Back….

It seems that 1.) I grumble about corporations much more often than I give them props for when they don’t actually suck (this has been remedied here).

2.) I have written A LOT about the chocolate snowflake donut. I did a search of my blog for it because I swear I had posted a picture of my dear beloved… only to find that I do not have said picture and that there are close to 10 posts about the donut! Mildly obsessive. I wonder how many are about Dr Pepper? Ahaha.

In trying to find a photo of said donut (yep, still on said topic) I came across a photo of me after I had just won Mario Kart. And then another one. So HA! at you Brent, for thinking it only happened once. HA! I SAYS HA.

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