Looking Back….

04 Jun

It seems that 1.) I grumble about corporations much more often than I give them props for when they don’t actually suck (this has been remedied here).

2.) I have written A LOT about the chocolate snowflake donut. I did a search of my blog for it because I swear I had posted a picture of my dear beloved… only to find that I do not have said picture and that there are close to 10 posts about the donut! Mildly obsessive. I wonder how many are about Dr Pepper? Ahaha.

In trying to find a photo of said donut (yep, still on said topic) I came across a photo of me after I had just won Mario Kart. And then another one. So HA! at you Brent, for thinking it only happened once. HA! I SAYS HA.

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